Compliment Slips Question

Jules_UKMarch 12, 2003

Does anyone know where I can find a free template to make my own compliment slips.

Thanks to all who reply.

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Jules, Could you tell me what a compliment slip is??? I'm not sure what they are!! LOL!

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Tiger, how do I define a compliments slip? My brain is sleeping at the moment. It's a slip of paper that I want to use to include with items I am selling on ebay. It basically gives details of the item with a note of thanks and your own details, a bit like a letterhead.

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Oh, OK, Jules :-) I had never heard of anything called that...but I think know what you mean....
Do you have any "print" programs? Do you want it the size of a full sheet of paper (8X11 +/-) or smaller?
Something like that could be as simple as typing the text in Wordpad...if you want one sheet, with a few of them on it, simply Copy and Paste the text over and over on the doc....
Let us know what more you may want to do with them...add graphics, etc...and what print programs you may be using...perhaps we can help further :-)

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Tiger, I have Sierra PrintArtist, I will have a look there and see if there is anything. If not I will just do the Wordpad thing. Thanks for your help, you are this forum's helpful angel!!

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Hi Jules,

I have made something similar for my husband to use with his ebay sales. Mine was business card size (2 x 3.5 inches) and had a "Thanks" graphic on one side and on the other I put 2 lines to fill in the Ebay item number and a brief item description, the message "Thank you for your purchase. Please let me know when this package arrives so I can leave feedback for you. Thanks," with space to sign his name and at the bottom his ebay ID and email address.

Business card size will let you get 10 or 12 on a page. I created mine in MSPublisher, but there are bus.card templates available for MSWord you could use. Check the software you have and see if there are templates for business cards or greeting cards available.


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Jill, I have Microsoft Publisher so I will have a go at making the business card you described. Thanks to you and Tiger for your help, this is a great forum for helping out.

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