urleeMarch 6, 2004

Walmart has two laminators.

One is just a cold----EZ laminate for $49.00 w/a roll and the other a 9" hot and cold (pouch) on sale for $22. (was $29.00).

I don't know anything about laminators as to what to watch out for in buying one.

I want it for small items mostly like cards, pictures, and probably no larger than a 8½ by 11" paper and was wondering if the roll one would waste alot unless you'd have to have more items to fill the width of the roll when making wallet size?

I'd be willing to pay more to get a better one some place if it would be wiser?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.



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Urlee, I've got the EZ laminator that uses the 30' & 60' rolls of cold laminate. I do like it. You waste material if you're doing a small photo but that doesn't bother me at all. Line up two or three pics across to get your moneys worth, like you said. There are other laminators on the market that have interchangeable rolls (laminate both sides, one side only, apply glue to one side only, etc.). I didn't like the pouch idea because it limited me to 11". The link below is to other laminators form the same company that makes the EZ model. The EZ is not listed because it's their low end model contracted out to a sub-contractor.
Take care, SteveC

Here is a link that might be useful: laminators

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I like my Xyron 900. It doesn't use electicity so if very portable, can laminate both sides, one side with sticky on the other, just sticky on one side, and a couple of other things I haven't done yet. You just have to buy new rolls for each type.

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Hi, If you have't already made the decision, the EZ Laminator was on sale at WalMart SC near me - $47 down to $30. They were clearing out a bunch of stuff before inventory.

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