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excessfroufrouSeptember 22, 2010

Since we don't have fabulous dish stores and home stores way out here in the boonies, I have to shop where I can. I found these pretty acorn mugs (front and back pic) and napkin holder at our Family Dollar and the tea kettle at a thrift store. The tea kettle is actually a cookie jar with the lid missing, but I think I can make it work with some of my fall decorations. If only I would get to work on them. Today one my friends let me borrow his full-mount pheasants, so I really want to work on my fall decor this weekend.


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The tea kettle will look wonderful with Fall decor. I can't believe that was a cookie jar in its former life.
Your acorn stuff has me, and will have Luvs, drooling.
I know you will come up with some wonderful vignettes. I may have to pretend your borrowed Pheasants are "faux".
(by the way, I'm STILL hunting for my pair! At this point,
I don't like them very much. Blasted birds better show up)

hugs, Karen

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Fou, Great pieces. I am sort of stuck out in the boonies too. We have a Wallyworld, A DT aFD and a DG here but my better buys come from the neighboring town which I usurally get to visit once a week. (DH has a favorite place to eat there, so he bribes me saying if I will ride with him to get something to eat, he will stop at GW which is directly across the highway. Of course he really has to twist my arm, and of course I try to convince him that we don't need to eat out every week. LOL. Twenty years ago, I would have never thought that this wouold become such an obcession. Janet

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Frou, you found some neat things here to decorate with. I like the black tea pot and like Karen said "wouldn't of thought it was a cookie jar." The acorn napkin holder and cups are really neat. The handles on the cups are so unique.

Looking forward to seeing the full-mount pheasants in your decorating. They are such pretty birds. We have them in our yard quite often.


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Nice finds Frou..that tea kettle looks like the 'real thing'...In my old house, I used one like it on top of our wood burning stove... I would never have thought yours is a cookie jar! I'm seeing many ways to decorate that for Fall.
I agree, your acorn goodies, will have Luvs drooling.
I like the color and design on them.

janet..I can relate to your GW story. I do the same thing with my DH when he goes to Home Depot..However, I usually say I'll keep him company for the ride. When we get there, I then ask him to drop me off at GW which is near HD!
Where there's a will...WE DO find a


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Okay, I'm responding to this post with my hand covering my eyes--well sort of! I will NOT covet any pretty acorn items this year--I have plenty of my own thanks to many of you great gals. ;o)

Seriously though, those cups are a very pretty shade of green that complements those gorgeous acorns perfectly--good find, Frou. Your little tea kettle will be so cute with a fall arrangement in it, and I agree, it looks very realistic.


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Neat teapot!! Nice mugs ! I've got pheasants but never thought to use in fall arrangements, they are on the walls, along with another bird, dad did taxidermy, took me awhile to get used to them!!Do have some tail feathers from 4 bros. hunting at DS's last year.I used to have cattails & feathers in a tall vase but eventually cattails opened up & made a mess.Jan

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Karen, sorry, I forget not everyone lives with hunters. I'm glad you found your pheasants and they are beautiful. Janet and Jane I can relate to going along for the ride. We live in a dry county and my husband goes to the beer store once a week. On the way (30miles) are some good flea markets. If I'll ride with him, he'll stop along the flea markets. Sounds fair to me. Jane and Luvs the tea kettle is made of pottery and on the other side in faded letters it says cookie kettle. Jan, I did the same thing with the cattails, what a mess.

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Those mugs and napkin holder have such rich Fall colors, Frou . . . what great finds! And I agree with everyone else here, that teapot cookie jar will lend itself wonderfully to a Fall floral arrangement . . . and Halloween, too, for that matter!

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Welcome back (from gardening), frou! Am always looking forward to your pics/posts (on here & GJ)! Looks like a WINNER with that black kettle! And like others said, pretty acorn pcs. When things slow down (when does anything slow down, right?)...but know we'll be seeing stuff soon! LOL! Jeanne S.

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IKWYM about shopping in the boonies altho I think in my case it's a good thing I don't have the full range of stores or I'd need a much larger house!

Look forward to seeing what you do with those great finds. The little teakettle is adorable.

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