Holding on to Summer

nana2010_gwSeptember 10, 2012

I hate to see Summer end, so when I found this pitcher at a co-op store it inspired me to do one more Summer table. From 2012-09-10 (by Eye-Fi)

The tablecloth, Mikassa bowls and bird figurines are thrift store finds. I found the salad plates and flat ware at DG,and Dinner plates at Walmart.

The little grapes are from Big Lots years ago. From 2012-09-10 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-10 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-10 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-10 (by Eye-Fi)

The leaves are starting to change color so I guess Fall can't be far behind..[long sigh]..so good bye for now, Summer.

See you next year.



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Nana, love your new sunflower pitcher filled with red and yellow sunflowers. Sweet birds and cabbage bowls you found. Good to see those cute little pea S & P's again too.

I'm lovin' this pretty tc. The grapes on the cloth and the grape napkin rings are such a nice touch. All your layering with so many pretty colors of dishes and the flatware is wonderful.

It feels like fall here in the mornings but having the warm sunshine later in the day is nice. Our garden hasn't frosted yet so able to still enjoy fresh veggies. So glad you are here with another ts!


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I'm with you Nana, don't go summer!!
This is so pretty! Your new pitcher is lovely and this table has so many pretty colors on it. You did a great job of layering everything.
Makes me smile to look at it. The flatware is a really pretty shade of blue and complements the rest of the table very nicely.


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Nana...I'm in agreement ! This is such a pretty Summer table...makes me feel sad to know it's over. Seems we just get started and then 'poof' !
You have the prettiest tablecloths. I love the pattern and the pretty colors and your beautiful Sunflower CP is perfect for it.
Great layering on your plates. Love the colors you chose along with the pretty flatware and I don't want to forget to mention those adorable cabbage cups!
I thought I was fired up for Fall...but seeing this Summer table makes it really hard...You did a wonderful job on everything.
This is such a nice 'Goodbye to Summer' !

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A very sweet, colorful, summer's end table. Those bowls are really neat by the way! Love the color and style!

Those of you wanting to hang on to summer, come on over to Phoenix. We'll have 100 degree temps off and on till Halloween, and you are more than welcome to them. LOL.
I'm more than ready for good weather to arrive here!

hugs, Karen

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Such a pretty setting Nana.
I'm looving the pitcher and anything with Mikasa to its' title always calls my name.
Your layering of plates is perfect to balance the lovely tablecloth. It pulls off the pattern of the tc perfectly which I admire.
I have several bold patterned tc s but I never can get them set to suit me. lol

I've already bid goodbye to summer but it's nice to see others still hanging on.

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Marlene Kindred

Very pretty table setting Nana! Love the new pitcher and the tablecloth is really pretty! The salt and peppers are really cute!

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Ohhh...love that t'cloth, nana ...& the centerpc pitcher is striking! Looks very summery w/those cheery Sunflowers! Makes me smile! Also like how you used the 'grapes' w/napkins & around the centerpc. Just lovely! (& cheery!) TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thank you everyone.
Punk, The mornings have been cool here too. A little early for frost, but that could happen any time now.
I've had the tc for quite a while now. I've used it on tablescapes in the past.
Candy, it's fun to be able to use things again on different tables. Fall is beautiful, but I the older I get the more I dread the thoughts of winter. So I agree Summer don't go!!
Karen, I couldn't tolerate temps in the 100s for long. How do you do it?
MM, This table came together nicely for me, but sometimes I have to change things over and over to get the right look, sometimes I just give up! LOL
Marlene, I bought the pitcher to use on a different table but it didn't look the way I thought it would. I think it works well on this one.
Jeanne, I think this is a cheery table too.
Thank you all again for you wonderful comments.

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