Did the font get smaller?

minnie_txFebruary 5, 2003

Did the font suddenly get smaller on the Forum pages??? Or do my eyes need checking. It seems it went down notch.

Just since this morning.

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Looks the same to me. Do you have a scroll wheel on your mouse? While holding down the Ctrl key, slowly turn you scroll wheel. One way makes the font larger, the other way makes it smaller. Maybe that will help.

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It looks normal to me tonight after I rebooted. Funny

I have a scroll mouse I just tried it WOW Thanks so much for that hint. Wow! WOW! WOW! Am I excited?

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GREAT TIP!!!! Thanks Mary Ann. LOL This is my "learn something new every day" thing. More, more!!!!


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Thanks Mary Ann I can say I learned something new today!
Never knew that.Tkx

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