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aggieroseMay 14, 2014

I've been looking for a free standing tub for a while now and I'm having a really hard time finding one in my budget. Today, I found this:


It seems to good to be true. $1345 for the tub, no tax, no shipping, plus a free tub filler! I've never heard of the company and I can't find any reviews of the tub. I'm worried that we will end up with a bad product by trying to save a few dollars. Has anyone dealt with this company before? I also really love this one:


It's definitely over our budget but my husband told me to just buy it. I just think that much money for a tub is getting pretty ridiculous. I need your help!!

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Are you installing it yourself or hiring a plumber/contractor? I ask because a friend recently had to wait quite a while on a plumbing repair for special order parts, so if that's the kind of thing you're wondering about, you might be able to ask your plumber/contractor what they think.

I can't bring myself to do a freestanding tub because I'm the worst about cleaning bathtubs and I'm afraid it would be harder to clean, but my husband is really tall and wants a big tub like that. They're so beautiful, I may have to stop being so stubborn. Either one will look great in your bathroom, that's for sure!

I realize this sounds really weird, but I'm not an experienced bathtub purchaser, so my question is how to find out whether or not it's comfortable? To some degree it's probably different for different people, but are there companies with better reputations in that regard?

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Stick with a name brand. Imports aren't noted for great quality control.

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Have you tried contacting their customer service and talking to them directly? I would, and ask them anything that you are concerned about.

They also sell on eBay, and have a 100% positive rating, so I would say definitely worth considering.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay feedback

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