Calibrating printer before using Avery software

schoolhouse_gwFebruary 5, 2011

Trying to print note cards (#8315)on my printer, downloaded the free Avery Design Pro. I need to calibrate my printer - it says, in order for the images to be centered on the template (or 8315 note card sheets). I don't understand the directions at all! I've folded the calibration paper correctly, but can not understand which numbers they want off the graphs.

Anybody familiar with this? What's the secret?

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Did you contact Avery? I had a problem with one of my templates and they helped me out. They seem to have a good support system.

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After you fold your paper, let's say vertically. See where the crease in the paper falls on the numbered graph. My vertical crease falls on one notch below the center square figure so on the vertical box in the calibrate printer window I typed -1 Below box are minus numbers, above are the + numbers. Where ever your paper crease fell that's the number you put in. Luckily my horizontal was creased right at the center, so I put nothing in that box. I use all Avery products and print postcards and labels without any problems. I do a check first before printing good copy by using plain paper and Draft printing choice first. Hold the test printed page over the card stock and see if each card or label lines up before using the good stock and Best printing ink option.

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I also want to know.

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