Help and Ideas Needed Please!!

Nebgranny98February 15, 2004

Hello All:

I am posting this to a few forums I participate and look at daily.Nebgranny98:

First I am asking for some ideas to brighten up a Nursing Home I visited not long ago. Both the environment and some ideas of things that might brighten up the residents lives. I know homes are one of the saddest places on earth , but sure would like to help brighten the lives of the folks we saw there. I saw so much sadness in the eyes of these people.

My friend and I were there this past Friday. We talked about what we could do to help out. We decided to adopt this nursing home and try and make things a little happier for the folks we saw there. One of the ideas I thought of last night while trying to sleep was to post on this forum and ask for suggestions.I lurk and have been a member of this forum for three years now.

The second thought was to see if any of you folks would like to be a partner in this venture by donating a craft to brighten up the home and the lives of the people there. If you are willing to do so, you may e-mail me and I will give you my address. I am going to keep track of anything people might be willing to donate. I plan on taking pictures of the Home receiving the donations from people all over the Net World. I will post the pictures on a Web Page I will set up so anyone wanting to partner will see this as an honest venture to help our older folks live a happier life in a sad sad environment. I ask no money ,only the creations of your hands .

If you think this a worthy project and want to be a part , please e-mail me and I will e-mail you with needed information. Thanks NebGranny98

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This is such a worthy project - I really wish I had a GREAT idea to help you out.


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