Double Oven: Thermador Pro or GE Monogram

michael7374May 26, 2010

I went oven shopping today; I thought I'd like the Wolf or Electrolux (yes, but price difference) but I hate the glide racks that don't adjust on the ELUX and both use soft buttons which, in my experience, break and are otherwise frustrating over time .

Actual knobs and other features look good on the Thermador Pro and the GE Monogram. Pretty mixed reviews on Thermador historically, especially with repairs. Is that still a problem?

Anyone actually have/use eitehr of these ovens?

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I've had the Elux oven as well as the speed oven for four years now. Both have those touch controls and nary a problem with either, even with sticky goo from my cinammon rolls I heat in the speed oven.--No worries, I cleaned off the gooie fingerprints---don't want wife coming home and analyzing finger prints.
We really like the fully gliding out racks in the 30" Oven, makes heavy things like Turkey, ham, etc easy to baste and check.
I believe our racks are adjustable but in the 4 years we have had the oven, we've never seen the need to.
I guess, "Different Strokes for Different Folks" The one thing wife INSISTED On, when we designed the kitchen was "NO Knobs" she says they are "Dust Catchers" and in fact all our door and drawers were designed to open without pulls or knobs.
We Just "Don't follow the Jones's" We are the Johnsons (LOL)
Good luck with your decisions!!


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have had the thermador PODC302 double ovens since late last year. working perfectly except for the clock, which no longer keeps accurate time.

ovens work well, convection mode or not.
broiler works great.
warm mode also works very well.
have not used the rotisserie.

when using speed convection only one oven can be used.

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I loved the looks of the Thermador Pro, but the price tag with their repair reputation scared me away. (Actually, the price was enough)

I also like knobs. I've had previous aggravations with touch panels, and also don't like the fingerprint aspect. --I'm obviously not keeping up with the Johnsons! LOL :-) I was surprised at the comment about the slide out racks not adjusting in the Electrolux, because I'm pretty sure they can... Regular Electrolux or ICON?

One thing that steered me away from the Electrolux ovens was the interior depth...Less than Monogram and others I was considering. It depends on how much you put in the oven and what size pans you use if this is an issue that could influence your decision.

All that said, I have the Monogram ZET2PMSS. The racks are wonderful EXCEPT that they take up so much room, there are fewer rack positions than with other ovens. I don't like to use the bottom position, as things tend to get too brown for my taste when there, so if you want to use 2 racks at a time, then the top one gets so high that there can be overbrowning on the top of that rack's contents.

The other thing you should know about the Monograms: They use the fan to regulate temp, so when on any of the convection modes, the fan occasionally turns off, instead of being on all the time, and when on Bake, when you don't expect any forced air movement, they might come on to help bring the temp back up. This was a surprise to me, and not always the best for whatever I'm baking. Also, I'm not sure about the Thermador or Electrolux, but the Monogram only adjusts in 25 degree increments. That wouldn't bother a lot of people, but I like the ability to fine tune things a bit more to suit how things are cooking. --We bake ALL the time in our house (a couple times a day is normal), and I because of previous experience with a wonderfully-performing oven, am oven-picky. The things that bother me may not bother you.

Electrolux manual (page 9) shows how to move oven racks:

Electrolux ICON manual (also page 9) talks about the different rack positions:

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Well, Ya went and "Did it again", rhome410 (LOL)---got my curiosity up about the temp settings and the depth of my
30" Elux Icon Oven. I tried setting the temp both for normal bake and convection bake. I can set it to "the Nearest Degree" (IE, 332, or 333, 335 etc etc) Now I didn't take out a temp probe and see if it really was only 1 degree difference (LOL) --golf match on--Man does not live with Elux alone!
Measured depth too, from the back of the oven to the end of the rack (In the front) is 18 inches, In the middle of the back is the convection fan and heater, it takes up an inch of space in about the middle of the oven, so measuring from that fan/heater, to the front end of the rack, I Measured (You guessed it), 17 inches.
This is a single 30" Elux Icon Oven and could be a different size than their double ovens???.
Any back to golf, (and thanks for the Interruption Rhome410), Phil Michaelson isnt doing all that well today, Maybe my Staring at him, "Made him Nervous"?
Anyway good luck with your pending decision, Michael7374
from 1/2 of Johnsons 4244 (Don't Even think about asking about those numbers)!!!!!

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I don't know what I was measuring when I was looking at ovens a few months ago, because by myself or with a salesperson, the Electrolux ICON always came up shallower, but you have as much room as I do, Gary. Now even more reason to regret not considering the ICON longer...and I would be perfectly happy to set my oven to the nearest 5 degrees, like I think I remember my Fisher & Paykel doing. When I first looked at ovens...4 yrs ago or very trusted appliance dealer listed Electrolux as one of his top 2 favorites in baking performance after using it for 4 days at a home show. New promise: I will never again suggest that the Elux oven might be shallower... :-)

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Well, I didn't compare it to any other ovens, Just measured mine--Just The Facts Mamm, Just the facts.
I shudda played with it longer, Phil didn't make the "Cut".
Oh Well.
I do hope you come to terms with your oven, but I'm sure anything you cook on it is far better than any of my efforts---Like they say, It's really the Man/Lady at the "Controls" That makes all the difference!!


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I know you're tired of my whining, Gary. You're always so nice about it. Just disappointed at resorting to foil tents over bread and pie edges, and adjusting the temp in the midst of making granola so things finish properly... And that darn fan coming on when I don't want it. More fussing than I had to do than with my $700 electric range's oven. When the 'controls' won't fine tune, not much for the woman at the helm to do that's satisfactory. As time goes on, it seems I'm less content with it instead of more. --A character issue, I suppose! ;-) My next step is a thermometer to check the variations in temps during use, which seem too big, according to the 'real time' temps the oven tells me if I turn the dial for any reason.

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don't want wife coming home and analyzing finger prints.
Apparently, my DH has never thought of this. . .

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