Looking for a rose 'dingbat'

marciakmFebruary 15, 2003

I have searched with no luck to find a dingbat (wingding) with roses or a single rose bud. Preferably not ZIpped also since I can't seem to find anything that I download that is zipped!

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I emailed you with a short message.
Take care, Steve C.

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I found the site below that has "rose dingbats".


Hope this is what you are looking for, although it's probably zipped.


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about half way down this page it takes you to a zip file of Faerie font - sorry I couldn't find it not zipped :(
The letter G will give a single rose.

Here is a link that might be useful: faerie Font

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Thanks Sue. I downloaded it. Elaine, I found the rose ones at the site you recommended. At first I thought they weren't working--discovered I have to capitalize the "letters" to get the wingdings. Steve, you have been most helpful too! Thanks to all...Marcia

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Please someone help
I search all internet for a single rose with long handle
and a rose or leaves corner
Please help me

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