pictures on tiles

cjlpnFebruary 27, 2007

I would like to put my grandsons pictures on ceramic tiles. How would I do this? There's a shop that does this but I'm

not sure how it is done. Any suggestions?

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I have done this, first i sprayed the pic with a sealer then i watered down white glue. Used this to glue picture
on tile and after it was dry i used thined out glue and glued over the picture several times ( drying inbetween)
Did this two years ago and it's still looking good.

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What type of sealer did you use? I thought there might be someway I could do this using a computer to scan and print on some type of product made to do this.

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Rust-oleum Lacquer is great for this. I have used it to seal printed pictures, just make sure to let the print set for a few minutes to dry good before spraying, and put several coats on (let dry between coats) oh and it is around 3.00 at Wally world 4-5$ at those other stores.
Hope this helps.

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I use waterslide transfer paper.I also read today someone used golden matte gel medium for doing this a...

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I have done them with both Waterslip Decals and Avery clear Decal paper....if using an inkjet printer though, you MUST spray a sealer on top of youe waterslip or your ink will run

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