scanner won't scan in jpeg!

june_ndFebruary 4, 2004

I have a new hp scanjet 3970. When I scan it always scans in tif. Some of my programs don't like tifs!!! I have gone into the hpdirector and then settings and have set it for jpeg but then I go back to scanning in the photo & imaging where I crop, etc. and scan and it always comes in as a tif. What am I doing wrong?? June

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In your scanner software, after you're done with any tweaking....

In one of the menu drop-downs, do you have "Save" or "Save As..."? This is probably how to change the format it is saved in. Tif is probably the default unless you specifically tell it to save as something different.

In the owner's manual, is there any sections along the lines of "saving scanned images"? There is probably info at the HP website as well.

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The owners manual has nothing. When I scan the only thing that shows in "file' is open and exit, no "save' or "save as" as there is in most file menus. the only place I can set the settings is in the hp director and and when I set that , it just doesn't work!! I've tried everything that has been suggested but nothing seems to work...

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I had some very good help in computor help so if you need any help go there. Great people on this site.

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