Cool Little 'Tiling/Mirror/Kaleidoscope' Program

Lia_SCFebruary 3, 2003

It's only a 30 day free trial, but very fun and the full version is just $12.

Open a photo or clipart in the program then click on the "Silicon Mirror". Move it around to make kaleidoscopic views of your file. Then you can save it or copy/paste into a graphics program and print; or use it as wallpaper.

I know some of the other programs have that option for mirror tiling, but with this you get to move it around almost as if you had a real kaleidoscope.

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Thanks Lia!! That is one of the neatest programs that I've seen! I plan to go ahead and buy the full version before my trial runs out. It is just too cool!!

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omg i just downloaded the program and tried fun fun.......i may never get off the computer again!!!!!!!!!
thank you ( i should be getting ready for work now) not playing with a kaleidoscope.

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Great program, I could spend hours playing!

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Thanks for it, love it, love it!

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