Here's my painted witch

luvstocraftSeptember 30, 2010

Finally got my little witch finished up. Took her outside to get her picture but with mostly roses and greenery, it doesn't look much like Halloween!

So I took her over to my neighbors house which is more of a peach color. That made a better background. LOL

I'll get some cornstalks and pumpkins to put with her and then put her by my front door for Halloween. More pics to come later.


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OHMYGOSH...she is totally DELIGHTFUL, Luvs. Her face, her hair, her happy frog and kitty, everything!! I am totally taken with her, and your talent for creating such things!

I see you did kitty as an orange tiger instead of calico...does that mean my Jazz AKA Trouble influenced you to do him? LOL. He would love to "help" you know.

hugs, Karen

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OMgosh (Karen's words came out of my mouth, too, when I saw your CUTE witch!) I love her "red hair," her expression & the animals looking at her! WOW! Luvs, you are one talented painter! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! & she looks great standing alone in either place ...but your corn stalks & pumpkin will even add more! SWEET******! TFS! Jeanne S.

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That is even cuter than I could have imagined! I love her red hair! Your talent just grows and grows!

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Luvs, everything about her, the frog and kitty is adorable. I love her outfit's colors. It will be a show stopper for Halloween at your front door.


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What a gem! You have to smile when you look at her! Great job, Luvs! I bet your dgd will love her!

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Absolutely too cute for words!! Please show the pictures when you get her in place with the cornstalks and pumpkins.

You are extremely talented! I think you made the right choice to not do red glitter shoes.


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Oh, Luvs. You are amazing.
She looks 3-D. That is the absolute BEST WORK EVER!
You have lots and lots of talent. I never imagined it was going to be THAT cute.

Here is a fun thing your GD might like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween Door Hanger

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Luvs She is too cute for words!!! You are so talented. I think she would look perfect in my yard! LOL

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I do believe that is the sweetest looking witch
I've ever seen. I don't think she could hurt a fly. Cute, cute, cute.

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Marlene Kindred

You did SUCH a great job painting her! She's just adorable! You have quite a talent there.

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She and her buddies are adorable!!

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Luvs, she is just delightful.
She will be such a 'Welcoming Witch' by your door, at Halloween..and will definitely make everyone smile seeing her.
What a wonderful paint job you did on her too.
I'm looking forward to seeing her all set up.


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Glad she gave you all a smile. I'm glad she is done, that board was a heavy one! Hope I can find some cornstalks this weekend. Wish me luck. Luvs

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Luvs, you have a natural talent. That is beautiful.

I love all the detail you put into your painting.

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Thanks Yachter. I enjoy doing it, but still a bit of a challenge even after all these years. That's what I get for not taking more classes! LOL


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