Dollar Tree New Glasses

janet1_2007September 6, 2010

I just run in DT a few minutes while waiting on Dh to run in "his" store, and they had just gotten in new glasses, really pretty ones, "cut" glass design in stems, tumblers and juice sizes. I couldn't help myself, I got 4 of each size and if I can find a place to store them I just may get 4 more of each next time I"m in there. Just thought I would mention this incase anyone needs glasses. Janet

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Sounds like a good score! Post a pic when you get a chance. We have a new Dollar Tree near us and I'll make sure to check out the glassware the next time I'm there. I can't believe the stuff they have and the prices are just too good to be true!

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Thank you for the heads up! I will have to go by there when I am out a little later this afternoon!
I don't NEED glasses, but those sound beautiful! ;^)

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Those do sound nice and will look pretty on your tables too. Isn't that store fun? Just never know what you will find each time you go. Luvs

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Funny how you never know you 'need' something till you see it posted here.....

hugs, Karen

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Great find, Janet. I'd love to see a pic of them when you have a minute.

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Janet, are these glasses all clear? I don't need any more but I would buy more if they were colored.haha


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Punk, these are clear. I have just got to learn to do pics. They are made by "Libby" and have vertical and horizonal bands of "cut" designs. I had plain clear glases and stemmed Christmas and stemmed snowslake design, but these were just a different look, more like the really expensive cut glass ones, that would be very impractional for me with my track record of breaking things when my tendinosis or my fibro flares up. Janet

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Janet, thanks for the quick response and they sound very pretty. I have so many crystal glasses that I don't need more clear but I'm sure some of the other ladies will love them. If I had more time to paint I would get some to paint pointsettias of different colors on or acorns, leaves, etc.

What can we do to help you post pics?


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