Valentine Poem printed on Computer

pineconeJanuary 31, 2003

I want to use this poem with a gift for my therapy class along with a gift for Valentine Day. At first I thought I would print on card stock......then I thought about material. Do you have Any other suggestions?

We're sore, we're stiff, and it seems that we

Have this need for therapy!

What better way to cure our ills,

Without the help of capsules and pills,

Than in this warm and cozy water

Exercisin' like we oughta!

We chat about subjects from far and wide

And our growing friendships can't be denied!

So, dear ol' wet friend of mine,

Won't you be my Valentine?

There are several other very good poems on the Craft thread in response to my request. One I will use for my 72 year old SWEETPEA!! Look for pinecone as the poster.

thanks for your replies.........pinecone

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You could use magnet paper and make magnets with a valentine border.

You could also buy canvas paper made for the computer and frame it.

You could print it on good quality paper also and frame it. You could make it any size you want as long as you size it to the frame size you want. Any of these ideas would be easy and make a nice gift.

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