Fitting in an ofuro/soaking tub

emily_mbMay 26, 2013

I want to remove a cabinet placed between the bathroom wall and the shower, remove the end shower wall, and put in or build in a Japanese type soaking tub in the space. Question is, will it fit?

Assumimg that i take out the cabinet and the shower wall, I have 59 inches between the bathroom wall and the shower wall that has the pipes. this end shower wall I would rather not touch because i am trying to minimize the work to be done. I have read that a shower should be at least 30 inches wide. So, 30 inches for the shower, 22 for the inside of the tub, leaves 7 inches for the wall(s) of the ofuro.

I have a lounge chair that is 22 inches wide and I fit fine with room to spare. Would that be too narrow and uncomfortable for a soaking tub?

There are no tubs 29 inches wide by 48 inches long. So, I will have to have it custom made. I can have a real wood ofuro, but the bathroom wall will have to be prepped and tiled and the ofuro will have 2 sides. Will all that fit in the 7 inches I have to play with if I make the inside 22 inches?

Or, I could have a costume made "pool" out of tile. Attached is a photo from houzz. Mine wouldn't have the bench. How difficult would it be to make this.

Because the tub/shower are small and have no division between them, I hope to drain the tub into the shower and fill the tub with the handheld shower. Thoughts on this?

Since I will have elbow room (over the tub) would it be possible to reduce the shower floor from the minimum 30 inches and still be comfortable? (In Europe I have been in showers where you can't pick up the soap from the floor unless you step out. Don't want to do that, but I know that I can live with a little less than is often allowed)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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How will you drain the tub into the shower? If you don't have the bench/step, how will you get in/out of the tub?

We have the Ann Sacks Onzen tub - now called something else. I like the deep soaking.

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The tub will be in the shower so it will drain onto the floor of the shower. The steps will be at the end of the tub, not at the side where the shower is.

Can people please comment on my questions?

Is the silence because people don't know or is it because it is too crazy for words?

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I saw you cross post in kitchens and came to see if anyone else had commented. I think it's because it's something rarely seen... not necessarily crazy.

I understand a drain will be in the shower. My question was how are you going to keep the water in the tub, and remove "what" to drain the water out? There has to be a side plug, opening, whatever-you-want-to-call it to drain the water out of the tub and into the shower area.

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I can't figure out what you are describing. How about posting a drawing of your proposed layout?

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Custom does cost money but you might be saving by keeping your existing shower. Is that what you are suggesting? Mock up a full scale model in cardboard? Fuss with it and see how it might play out.
Filling it with your handheld shower head? Could work if the tub is tiny. I really like soaking tubs.
Drainage? Lots of plumbing work and digging up the floor? Post photos of your existing bath area and consider all the issues.
I have considered one but all the issues without a gut reno makes it just a dream at this point...and my tiled walk-in is fine.
A free standing cedar/redwood or teak ofuro could be placed anywhere with a drain added.
So have a proper simple faucet added at the same time.
Anything is possible but needing a tiler, a builder for framework, and a plumber...unless you are very handy for a DIY or partial diy, you are tapping the cash register.
I have and exterior cedar wood fired soaker that i love...

Here is a link that might be useful: soaking tub

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Allison, many of the ofuro have a toe plug that you remove with your foot.

I live in a condo, the bathroom is small, this is a bathroom that I remodeled recently, and some of the very expensive (to me) Bisazza tiles are no longer available. So, I have a lot of challenges. The only possibilities I see are to take out the linen cupboard at the end of the shower, extend the shower snd put in an ofuro, or take out one of the double sinks and possibly the linen cupboard too, to put the steps there.

I will post pictures and drawings. It will take me a while. Lots of things going on all at the same time.

Thank you.

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Here is the linen closet I want to replace with a small and deep tub. It would stick out 12 inches. There are 59 inches between the bathroom wall and the shower wall at the extreme right of the photo.

If that doesn't work, then the second option is to remove this one (of two) sinks. The counter is 23.5 inches wide and there are 36.5 inches between it and the shower

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