Scrapbook software?

minnie_txJanuary 6, 2003

I might have asked before but does anyone know of software for creating scrapbook pages for your computer. To keep in the computer for later viewing. They would look like pages but not printed out.

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Hi Minnie, I just did a quick search at ZDNet and found 2 that sounded like what you were looking for(?), that you can may try a search on your browser, too. I saw a couple of things there, for sale.

Flip Album 5 href>
Multimedia scrapbook href>
Here's another download I just saw...Smart Draw href>

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I have that option built into my HP printer photo program. You might check all the different tools and options on your current photo program.

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thanks Tiger, I'm sorry I forgot where I posted my question!!!
I saved the links to look at
I do have a lot of the same options built in to some photo software on my computer. I guess it's just taking the time to do some exploring.

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Oh...Minnie..that's so OK ...LOL!
As Tami reminded me (and all)...there's so many programs that offer these "options" I always say...Play, Play, Play with these programs, it's the best way to learn them...
I also learn so much from all here!

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