Fall buffet critique please.

SheeshareeIISeptember 17, 2010

Hi Guys!

I normally lurk occasionally here until fall and winter. I love all the tables and decorating you ladies come up with.

I'm looking for some critique for my fall buffet in the foyer.

I found this big acorn at Christmas Tree Shops a few days ago and had to have it! Once home I've been having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with him. By itself it looks odd. I tried pairing it with other large objects but everything I have is too much the same size and there's no relation.

What do you think of this? I added the leaves and berries to the acorn. I don't have a squirrel and I know bunnies don't exactly love acorns but they were both brown and outdoorsy, lol. I had a faux pumpkin on top of the candle holder but it was really orange my eyes kept going to that. I'm not sure if it's all working or not. I need some new eyes to check it out.

Thanks in advance!


And now I'm off to clean my dirty mirror. :)

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I missed this pic.

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Hi Shee..
Nice to see you here again..
I've always loved that Buffett from your Grandparents.
Now, for me...looking at your display, first off...
I know you're trying to get height with your lamp, over the candle holder...but they seem to be competing w/each other.
I really think you need a shorter candle holder and bring your lamp down one book, to the next size. Your lamp will look more 'comfortable' perched on the larger one. Right now, it looks a little ackward on the smaller book.
As for your display on the other side.. where the candle holder is...the cloth is really lovely...however, it's too close in color to what you are displaying, and they get lost on it. I also think you need to bring them in slightly to the middle more...without such a large space in between. JMO...everything you show is really lovely, just needs some 'tweeking'.. I saw that Acorn at CTS..it's lovely.


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Actually Shee...looking at it again...
I think besides bringing your lamp down to the next book,
you can also move them over more towards the right... just a little. From the side of your buffet, your books look too close to the edge...again JMO


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Hi Jane!

I got rid of the small book. I see what you mean about the size. Did you mean to just get rid of the small one?

I moved both sides in more. I don't really have another chunky candle holder that's not in use. I have this clean hurricane but it kind of blends.

I'll have to dig around my fabric stash. Everything that was darker seemed to blend in. What color are you thinking?

I was afraid to push things closer to the middle because of the mirror reflecting and possibly making everything too busy.

Here's a couple shots.

Different candle in the hurricane.

Fabric close up.

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Hi Shee...
I like what you did ...moving things in closer so they
'connect'...I like the glass hurricane with the darker candle..that looks nice...and it balances better and doesn't compete with your lamp, height wise.
As far as your fabric...I'm thinking maybe it's the way you have it laid out...it still 'over powers' the things that are on it. How about a more simple fabric..maybe no pattern. Gold or rust tones..A color to give 'contrast' to what you have there. Have you thought of placing them on a large tray? Just another thought.
As I look at your books - two are good, however, how about replacing the light colored book for another dark one. I think it would blend in better.
I hope I'm not 'over critiquing'... but this is just how my eye observes things as I look at them.


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Its great to have you back, Shee. And bringing your beautiful buffet to us again! Love that piece! The big acorn is really cool. And you know I'm all for bunnies any time of year, the brown ones most of all.

I'm no help with your decorating, but am enjoying you and Jane playing with the setting. I'm sure some of the others will have great ideas too.

hugs, Karen

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Hi Shee,
Beautiful buffet. The acorn is fab.
My 2 cents worth (and thats about all its worth!)would be to bring back the black candlestick and use the rust pillar candle. Then switch the acorn and the bunny because everything is too much on the same level in the last picture. I think it needs a tad more color, so if you have some rust colored leaves, I would scatter some of those randomly on the cloth, or if you have a rust colored napkin or piece of fabric, layer that on the cloth in a draped sort of fashion, not flat so both pieces of fabric are visible.
You could also tie a pretty rust or burgundy ribbon around the top of the candlestick with a pretty bow.
I would also switch the lamp with the pincone on the book.
That way, you would have the tall black lamp on the outside of the scape on the left side, and the tall black candlestick on the outside of the scape on the right side, and then the acorn on the lift, then down to the bunny. It would make a U type of arrangement with your beautiful mirror in the center.


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sheesharee, it's very pretty and it's definitely the kind of decor that I love! Is that a removable lid on the acorn?! It's a clever idea and I had planned to try weaving an acorn some day... I just hadn't considered an open weave like that! I may have to give it a try. :)

I'll give my two cents too! and that's all it is. lol! I would try removing the fabric and adding only natural elements... I'd use a bed of autumn leaves (in silk, paper, or even real leaves if they were waxed), and then I might use more filler pinecones, twigs, and whatever you have, as it needs it. I'd try to find a squirrel or chipmunk to replace the bunny. It's a cute bunny, but I'd lean to more 'autumn' things. The acorn is so large and different that you could do fun things by using a variety of scales -- like by adding miniature pumpkins! I'd remove the glass-globed candle on the right and replace with something more "woodsy" -- one photo above shows a black wood spindled candle base and that's the one I'd use. I always try to separate glass items from "natural" items, and it seems to blend better for me. I think that pottery or wood go great with 'natural'!

I remember this group playing with the decor on that buffet last year?! It was fun to 'watch' and everything turned out gorgeous. You have wonderful decor, and I'll bet I'd love your entire house.

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Another 2 cents opinion...your beautiful buffet, mirror & chandi are so "elegant" in your foyer. And that cloth is gorgeous...& I think it blends in well with your glass lamp & books. I would remove those "natural" items & add more glass like a glass acorn, or such. One of those beautiful glass pumpkins may work, too. I love the hurricane & the darker candle. But, like Candy, I would add another darker pc of fabric somehow (picking up one of those colors from your beautiful silk(?) pc.)

Well, whatever, sharee, it will be beautiful...you have lots to work with & to make it "yours!" Jeanne S.

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Hi guys..real quick. I'm feeling really blah today. Sinuses, head hurts, throat hurts, occasional fever, body aches...just blah. Give me a day or so and I will be tearing back into this. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I appreciate all the feedback and am looking forward to trying things out. It still doesn't look right to me.

I'll be back!

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I am just sitting back and waiting for the experts to do the work, cause I bought that acorn too, and have no idea what I was going to do with it! LOL
I was thinking of using it outside, but now that I see your buffet, I may try it inside!
Hope you feel better, S!

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I'm in the sidelines reading and watching too. Wonderful big acorn--oak leaves go well with them you know! LOL I'm not good at this stuff either, but I remember how wonderful you're arrangement turned out last year so I'm sure this one will too.


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Shee, I'm really sorry to hear you feel so bad. All those symptoms sound miserable, and I hope they go away soon!

I've been looking at the photos over and over, and reading all the suggestions. I think maybe, once again LOL, Jeanne used up my words. (She does that a lot.)
I had liked that change of the lamp to the two books under it. And your cloth is just GORGEOUS. What I feel is making things seem a bit off is the SIZE of that acorn.
Its such a neat piece, but to me it just doesn't seem to work with the things you have there.
So that's my 2 cents but don't take them to the bank.

hugs, Karen

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Purplemoon...you are too funny! LOL! We must have been friends (or maybe sisters) in another life! (altho I've never been able to stay on a horse...usually found myself on my ***!)

Get well soon, Shee! And I remember your last buffet vignette, too...& it was gorgeous! Jeanne S.

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Hey everyone! I'm feeling much better today, thanks! I spent most of my time on the couch yesterday.

Thanks for the compliments on the buffet. You guys did help me along last year for Christmas. I started with a terrible hodge podge and ended up using greenery, silver mercury & crackle glass ornaments with the silver reindeer and tree. I liked that arrangement so much I think I'm doing the same thing this year!

The material is actually covering a really thick book that I have the acorn propped on. It lays very flat without it.

I've been messing around with this more and think it looks skimpy. I tried different materal. Actually it's the same but has a jewel tone red in replace of the gold. I have a solid light gold and a green fabric but they weren't working for me.

I had picked that gold book because it's the same color as the gold in the original fabric but it's not showing up well in the photos and looking again, I think I do need a different darker book.

I added some leaves and IRL I think that part looks half decent but it's looking rather chaotic/messy in the photos! Maybe I need to adjust more or maybe it's too much.

With the black candle holder, I like that the black color repeats on that side but I wish it were 3-4 inches shorter.

Here's some different things I tried. I still don't feel like it's there. Whatcha think? Are the leaves too much?

I'm keeping my eye out for a chipmunk or squirrel but so far no luck.

Maybe I should forget using the acorn there and find a different place for it?

Partymusic - The top doesn't come off the acorn. I just added the leaves & berries.

black candle holder

orange pumpkin

carved pumpkin on straw- I would remove the wrapper once I figure out where I'm using it.
I think it looks like the straw needs nestled behind more.

candle on straw.

candle on small book. I think it's too short.

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I really like the addition of the leaves! I thought the pumpkin on hay bale balanced nicely with the acorn! The chunkiness of the black candleholder, using your candle, would go well where the lamp is, sans books as its already tall. I'm thinking the lamp base is too 'delicate' for this Fall setting.
Gosh, I was going to keep quiet and watch, but here I am offering suggestions. You make it too much fun to play decorator. LOL.

I'm so glad you are feeling better today.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen!

Maybe this?

Or this? These candle holders were in my kitchen with the pumpkins.
One candle holder

Two candle holders

Actually after seeing these photos I added a couple orange leaves to the left of the lamp/books to help bring the color over to that side.

I can't find anymore black larger book. This blue one is about all I'm coming up with.

Ha, am I making it worse?

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Red candles. Ok, I'll stop for a bit. :)

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Wow! You've really worked on this! Glad you are feeling better, Shee! I really LOVE the switch of fabric...altho the first fabric was a gorgeous pc, too...but this one has darker & wider stripes. My fav is the last 2 pics...the gradient in the 2 black candle holders works! Works! works! Nice additions! And you know what, a cute little "squirrel" would be nice...but bunnies are still around in the Fall. I love your bunny & I have the same one & two other poses...they are so-o-o cute! Nice work! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jeannespines!

I wish I could find a squirrel at a local store. It's one of those things that if I weren't looking for one. ...

I was shocked at how little the selection of fall stuff was at Michaels the other day.
I'd like to find something like the squirrel in the link.
So far, I think I'm pretending the bunny is a squirrel. I saw the other bunny poses too! Love them.

Here is a link that might be useful: squirrel

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Those black candleholders are the perfect size! And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like the ORANGE on them best. (I've never been an orange person, LOL. Till this Forum got to me.)
The bunny is fine, but I hope you locate a squirrel or two.
I got a couple of neat ones last year at Dollar Tree. One on a pinecone and one on an acorn. I don't know if they have them back this year or not.
Since you said you've now added some leaves by the lamp,
I think you've found "your look" for the buffet! Good job.

hugs, Karen

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Shee, so glad your feeling better or all this redo would be impossible. These ladies are so good at helping decorate.

It was fun to keep watching as you changed items on your buffet. I like the colors in the last one best. That squirrel you found would be perfect with your new acorn. Maybe you will get lucky and find one alittle cheaper before the season ends.

Hope you will join us here more often.


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Lovin the changes!! The addition of color really makes it pop. I like it with the pumpkins and I like it with the burgundy candles. They both bring out colors you have in the leaves. Whichever you choose, it looks wonderful. The 2 chunky candlesticks are great, and the new fabric is just what the doctor ordered.
Beautiful job!!

Thanks for letting us be part of the process.


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Shee...I glad to hear you're feeling better..and were able
'to play' again!! lol
I've been following along since my first suggestions to you.. and I think the 'end results' came out really well.
I like how you spread out your fabric..balanced your centerpiece with the leaves...added the lower candle holders (they DON'T compete now) with your lamp..
And..you removed the lighter book and added a darker one..
Very nice results. I agree, a squirrel would be the right addition...I've added a link below that might help..


Here is a link that might be useful: Squirrel Store

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I just realized I sent you the same link on the
Squirrel that you posted !! duh...
Did you try 'The Find'...they usually have a great selection of stores... There's one that's listed
'Rural King' with some cute squirrels...
Check below.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Find....Squirrel Figurines

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I think I'm going to use the pumpkins just because it's only fall once a year and I normally use those candles in the kitchen area. Plus, I bought those pumpkins for the candle holders and now I'm not sure where to put them, lol. I do like them both though.

Purplemoon - I hear ya. Orange is my least favorite color too but I'm liking it with this arrangement.

Jane - I like a lot of those squirrel! There's a few places I can think of I need to check yet. Hopefully I can find one pretty cheap.

Here's the end result. You guys are great! Thanks for helping me along and giving my suggestions. It looks much different than the first photo!

Looking forward to seeing more fall and winter/Christmas decorating!

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I think it looks great in the last few photos that include the two black candlesticks! I favor the orange of the pumpkins, but the red candles work well too.

The other animal I see rooting around in the autumn is skunks. If you were to seriously look for a skunk I think it would increase your chances of finding a squirrel. lol!

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Great End Results Shee...
All the color tones are warmn and rich looking.
Now you can enjoy it and feel real proud of what you
You did a great job and your buffet looks just beautiful.


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Shee, I am new here, but have been lurking thoughout this thread. I love the last post, with both candlesticks and the orange pumpkins. The whole arrangement is beautiful and you have done a great job! The only suggestion I have would be to remove the leaves from the top of the acorn, it seems a little busy to me there. You have done a great job, I think I will go to Dollar Tree and look for some squirrels, that was a great idea!

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Hi vintagelover (and love your name). Welcome to our Forum. I hope you come out to play with us, in holiday decor or dishes or just neat stuff you've found. We tend to be obsessed with seeing pictures, LOL, so will hope you
can share some too.
Please tell us a little about you, or a lot. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Shee, check this vintage pottery squirrel out on Etsy. I think he's really neat.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: pottery squirrel

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Hi Sheesharee, I've been lurking here, watching your buffet progress. It really looks great! Love the candlesticks.

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This has been fun to watch. Shee, you are such a good sport to try so many things. The addition of the two shorter candle holders and the leaves really did it. I like the new fabric because of the deeper colors in it, and my preference was the candles that pulled out the stripe in that fabric, but the pumpkins are okay too. Now go post this over on Home Dec and blow them away with how great it looks! Hope you will come back here and play more with us too. Luvs

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SHEE Your Buffet and Mirror are just beautiful! The final arrangement is great! A squirrel would be cute but I love bunnies so it looks just right to me. NanaKaren

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Shee, glad all the other ladies were up to advising, as I have up & down days with fall setting in.

Today I feel like you did the other day, our weather is fluctuating from cool to HOT and it's doing a real job on the whole family, we all have allergies.

I had it a week ago, got better & today feel worse again & so is oldest grandson. Nothing like living in the midwest, if you don't like the weather, give it a day & it will change!!!

We were getting into fall temps, 70's and now today it was almost 90, tomorrow 80 & then Thursday is supposed to be 91 and then drop to 72 by Friday. See what I mean!!!

OH, forgot, love how it all turned out!

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I didn't realize there were more responses, thank you!

Vintagelover - I did remove some of these leaves. I think the whole arrangement looks better IRL. The mirror is reflecting some of the leaves and making it look pretty busy in the photos.

Guess what showed up on my door yesterday (didn't find it until today!)?..... Jaybird contacted me and ended up shipping me a ceramic chipmunk (& his snail friend)! He works perfect! After looking at these photos I think I should switch the bunny and chipmunk around or get rid of the bunny. What do you think?

Jaybird - Thank you so much! That was very kind of you to do. He makes me smile when I see him.

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Ms Jaybird is such a sweetheart, always thinking of others!
The chipmunk is adorable and perfect for your vignette!
He definitely has a face that makes you smile looking at him.

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Cute chipmunk & perfect for your vignette with the big acorn! Sweet of you, jaybird! TFS that last pic, shee...I'd try it w/o the bunny & see how it looks. Got a few more "nuts" to spread around! LOL! Jeanne S.

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The chipmunk and snail are Darling and look perfect sitting out front on your fall buffet. J, you are an amazing, wonderful person with such good taste.


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Drat....I posted and it disappeared!!
I am so sorry I called the poor thing a squirrel...but he looks very happy in his new home and I'm glad that he makes you smile!
We are downsizing and since I just can't "dump" cute things, I am delighted to share...
Now what can I send the rest of you? I'm sure to have something for everyone :^)
Yesterday I got into my fabric stash....uh oh....

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Hi Shee! It's good to see you over here again. As always, I love your beautiful buffet and mirror. I think your Autumn arrangement there has morphed into a real keeper, thanks to all the good advice here. Come back and play again soon, OK?

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Shee, your buffet turned out wonderful and I love the addition of that ever so cute chipmunk from Ms. Jaybird. How wonderful that she had just the perfect thing to share with you! Luvs

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Jaybird - Chipmuch, squirrel..he's adorable! Thank you so much again for sending him to me. It really made my day.

Hey Lynn! Yeah, I knew you guys could help guide me in the right direction!

I need to hang out here more. There should be a few extra hours in a day just to spend on the computer! :)

Thanks again to everyone for your ideas and suggestions! My buffet makes me smile now when I walk by.

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