ISO animated screen savers

taunia1January 22, 2003

I saw in an office somewhere, a cat walking across the screen, then he dissapeared & came back. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or, I would settle for an aquarium scene that's animated if my 'ole puter can handle it. I just want to find a FREE screen saver download somewhere. If anyone knows of some cool ones, let me know. Hugs, Taunia.

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Taunia, I don't use a screen saver, but if you do a search on your browser, you'll come up with many, many sites! I have one in my machine called "Underwater" that came with a Plus! theme, I think. If the cat you saw was black and white, it may(?) be the "Felix" one that some in the COmputer Help forum were talking about some time may want to ask over there....but that may be more of a screen mate, than screen saver.....good luck!

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I have Felix (the black & white cat). I've had him for two or three years though and can't remember where I got him, but if he's what you're looking for and you can't find him, let me know.

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I think the screensaver you are looking for is Pixel Pet's "Newton" screensaver. It is a real kitten, frolicing around your desktop. It is great, and free! You can find it at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pixel Pet's Newton Screensaver

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I just came across asite with free animated backgrounds and screensavers so am posting that as well for you. Sue

Here is a link that might be useful: Animated screensavers

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Thanks guys, you're so sweet. I'll check out all the sites & let you know. Hugs, Taunia.

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Another good site to check out.
They have animated wallpaper and screensavers. You get access to more if you sign up for their free e-mailing list(they mail about once every two months)

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