pillog: what kind of hood and set-up do you have?

jenny1963May 16, 2014

Thanks for your kind comments on my non-venting wall oven post. I'd love to get a range but it would require renovation to do so right now, and we're not quite up for that.

I know that some wall ovens have catalytic converters that clean the air inside the oven, but the F and P oven has generally bad reviews, Kuppersbusch isn't sold in the US any longer, and while I'd LOVE (love love love) a Gagg wall oven (or two,) I can't afford them presently.

What brand and style of vent hood do you have that works so well (although I think in doing my research, you may have a Gagg wall oven�which means less smoke and odors anyway)

Thanks much!!

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It doesn't matter, but I've been seeing a lot of "pillog" recently. Just to be informative, I'll tell you it's PLLLOG. 3 L's. If you want to change one into a vowel, I'm not offended, though one is rightly a numeral and there is no tittle. :)

I spoke to your smoke question in the other thread just now. I'm not sure venting is going to help it.

Yes, I do have a Gaggenau oven, and a 1200 cfm ModernAire hood. I tried oven-smoking a brisket once. The foil might not have been as tight as it should be since this was improvised, rather than in a smoker box, and no actual appreciable smoke came through, and I get more smell from baking, but I could tell that there were some toxins that the filters couldn't catch. Primo campfire headache, though I think running the hood helped a lot.

That's the kind of thing an exterior venting oven would be good for, though it occurs to me that allowing some odor to be pumped into the house is probably a safety feature to remind people they have stuff in the oven before it catches fire if forgotten.

I do get some baking odors, as I've said, but no clingy residue. Just scents that dissipate. People don't come over six hours later and say, "Oh, what's cooking?"

When something pungent has been cooking for a long time, the smells, etc., really do build up in the oven and come tumbling out when you open the door. That's where I was saying my hood helps, even though it's off to the side and five feet away. It'll suck out the world, if you let it. It doesn't clear every little bit, but it helps. It even helps pull the onion fumes from the island four feet away, making it easier to chop. My biggest problem is that I don't need a lot of (loud!) fan for many things I cook, and usually turn it to low. When I'm searing meat on the stove (cooktop), I sometimes forget to put it on high, and too much escapes. That's user error, though.

I'm surprised that the reviews for F&P are so bad. Rhome410 loved hers. There is the issue with the enamel in the self clean, which she had, but manually cleaning an enamelled oven just isn't that hard. The Gaggenau has the best pyrolysis ever which goes over 900 degrees. Which draws a lot of electricity, and warms the room (from the fans cooling the electronics). I only do it a few times per year. You have to clean off the loose stuff anyway.

I was going to buy the Gaggenau oven based on using my mother's, so didn't research the filters much. Nice added bonus. If you think that it's something you need, however, it might be worth getting the F&P, if it has it and that part is known to work well, and just cleaning it manually. It's supposed to cook and bake well, which is the important thing!

Cleaning hints: Trailrunner taught us a chemical reaction: If you have charred yuck stuck to an oven or pan, cover it with baking soda, lay a paper towel on it, dampen the towel thoroughly with boiling water and leave it overnight. If the char is very thick it might take two or three applications, but it'll come right up with no scrubbing. Acid is good for other kinds of crud, so warm a small dish of vinegar in the oven, so it gets all steamy, then get out of the way when you open it (try not to breathe the vinegar. Scrub down everything with a scrubby dampened in the vinegar. And, most of all, if you have a big oops, try to clean it up right after the meal, while it's still warm.

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