Look What I Found Today!!!

yachter123September 3, 2010

I found this matted print of a French restaurant at a garage sale today, it was ONE DOLLAR! Note the bread basket in front of the restaurant.

I can now tie in my bakers rack that sits to the right of my diningroom table and use my other chef statues!

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That picture is absolutely perfect! I have found that pictures tie together, as you say, collections so wonderfully. I've used them at Christmas. Just shows what you can do if you have a sharp eye out! And this one is so much better for your collection than a "chef" picture--and the colors are just right.

Are you going to frame it or put it on a board, or leave it as it is?

- Magpie

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how totally PERFECT. And its a wonderful print for a kitchen even without the Chefs. Those on the baker's rack are darling. The pair look like they must be tossing pizza dough up in the air. LOL.

I'm so happy for you on this find...and the price!!
hugs, Karen

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That goes just great with your chefs theme, Yachter. Now your baker's rack ties right in with your table and countertop decor. You had a good eye in spotting this pic. Luvs

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How perfect!!

Isn't it amazing when something like this pic is the perfect touch. If you would have been 'looking' for it, you probably would have never found it. It 'found' you.

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Perfect...just Perfect!
I agree, sometimes when we're NOT looking,
the thing we ARE looking for, Finds Us!
It was meant for you... and what a
great price too!

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Good find!

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