Anyone with Valentine Ideas here?

iowajewelJanuary 8, 2005

Just trying to find some new ideas.....hope you have some!


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Julie, I'm not there yet but glad to see there is some life still here on this forum. I'm starting a new graphics class so I hope to contribute soon.

No children save 6 30yr olds so creating Valentines isn't too big at our house!

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Hoping to see some ideas here, too!

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Nothing new here but I am going to make the Jiffy Pop things for my grandkids for Valentines day. I have to find a cute graphic for each kid.

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What's a jiffy pop thing? Sounds intresting.

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Aurore, here is a link. Use Jiffy Pop corn,

Here is a link that might be useful: Jiffy

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Thanks for the link.

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Here is a link to the Valentine crafts at one of my favorite sites, Enchanted Learning. These crafts are for kids, but can easily be adapted ("gussied up") and used for adults!

Here is a link that might be useful: Valentine Crafts at Enchanted Learning

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Every year I make one of these Valentines for my family, and for my grandchildren. (One per household) I use a huge piece of white posterboard, a red felt tipped marker and write the following poem. Every where there is the name of a candy bar, I hotglue a package or piece of that candy, unwrapped so that the name shows and can be read. Its been a hit for years, and everyone of them always look forward to the card. Of course I cant mail it, I always deliver it with lots of hugs and kisses :-)
Ive made the candy bar names in BOLD
Heres the Valentine:

My Dearest Sugar Baby,

Happy Valentine's Day!
May this card bring you a
Snicker as you read my message. You are my
Bit-O-Honey, you are worth more than a 100 Grand to me, I get Goo Goo eyes every time I see you.
There are more stars in my eyes for you than in the Milky Way.
Our Good-N-Plenty life together is like shopping on 5th Avenue on Pay Day. I know I can be Carefree with you.
As you know, I love you Now and Later and I wish you
Mounds of Almond Joy on this Valentine's Day.

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NOT unwrapped....leave the candy wrapped!!

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This is not a craft idea exactly. Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal in our family. Ever since my 2 daughters were teens, we'd celebrate the day with a little hen party. My mother, when she was with us, was always the star, coming all dressed up and glamorous.
We have a girl-food sort of dinner w/ heart-shaped cake, cookies, whatever and exchange small gifts. Granddaughter Emma will be almost 3 this year and will really enjoy it. I'll be giving her the book I've been making for awhile called, "The Story of Emma and the Leaves." The idea was born when her mother took wonderful pictures of her discovering leaves.
Emma is expecting a baby sister in May, so I've been collecting a few things for her. As for my girls, I'll be giving them the Christmas presents I hid from myself and, if I get round to it, the faux Vera bags I've had material and pattern for too long.
We're so lucky to have our daughters close by -- and lucky that they're happy to be here. chery2

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One idea you can adapt Doorknob Hanging Laundry Bag to hold flesh flowers. Last year Valentine's Day,I use this idea to give Valentine's Flowers to my girlfriend. It's work! The Important point is The Flowers and Valentine's Card that I put in bag for hanging Doorknob.I Hanging Laundry Bag that hold flesh flowers and Valentine's Card on my girlfriend's doorknob in the morning before she wake up on Valentine's Day. That's the cool idea! You can do it (",)

Here is a link that might be useful: Valentine's Think Gift ideas

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I do! I've been doing a lot of Valentine's Day activities with my kids including homemade valentines, decorations and yummy treats. If you're interested check out the link below and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seasonal Kids Activities

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