A Template, ideas, software anything ??????

terri_pacnwJanuary 27, 2003

I need to find something that will allow me to create my own hang tags for my crafts.

I have Avery Wizard on Word, but I can't do each "side". I can only do one side basically.

I need to be at the very least, able to type up the front, and the insides. Some How????

Do any of you have any ideas of directions I could start looking? Any ideas at all. :)



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You could use the program for a business card but make it on cardstock in the color of your choice. Then to do the other side, just insert the other side in computer and design that. It might take a few trials/errors, but should be pretty easy. I have done used this method in the past. Just a suggestion......

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Hi Terri,

Are you wanting a card with printing on both sides or a fold over card with printing on the outside front (and outside back?) and on the inside when it is opened?

I have Avery Design Pro and don't know if it is different from what you have or not. Item number 3264 is a small fold over card (2 x 3-1/2 folded) that is in the Avery program. It's only 4 on a page (to me that's a big waste as you can get 6 on a page landscape). It also let me create a new template with 6 on a page (2 rows of 3, unfolded size 3-1/2 wide by 4 tall).

What will work best for you will depend on the size you need and your card design. If I can help you with layout I'd be happy to.


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I was going to ask the same question as Jill asked. Do you want front and back, or front, back and insides too. I have a program, Corel Print House Magic, that will let you do any of these. You add what it going to all sides and inside and it will print out just right. You can choose whatever size you need. If you don't have that feature in your program(s), you can create a template for it. It would be like a quarter fold card template, but only to the size you need. It would be easy to make. It's just a rectangle made to your size and the dividing lines need to be even. Then you place your graphics and/or text in the appropriare places so that when printed and folded, all is right side up. Which means some of the graphics and/or text will be upside down on the layout.

~Summer °ü°

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