From Where should a Georgia resident buy an NXR 48" Gas Range

BanjomuteMay 24, 2013

Thanks to the informative posts in this forum, I have decided to purchase an NXR 48" gas range for my new kitchen. I'm ready to pull the trigger on this and the vent hood but I don't know where the best place is to buy from. I see different distributors online with free shipping and comparable prices. If any of you NXR owners have advice on this I'd appreciate it.

Also, after reading the many complaints about residential commercial style ranges, I have concluded the following assumptions about the NXR. If y'all can confirm or correct these for me it would make me more comfortable about this big purchase.

Here's the list:
1. The NXR has a good reliability record. If it breaks, NXR will send out a local repair guy. Eventually.
2. You can simmer on the low settings
3. You can adequately broil.
4. The burner grates won't rust
5. The ignitors won't click all the time and drive me crazy
6. Although is is 403 stainless steel, that is good enough if I take care of it and it won't rust.
7. I won't smell gas all the time.
8. The blue paint most likely won't chip off.
9. I won't regret not getting a dual fuel (enough to matter).
10. I will love the NXR.

Thanks in advance,

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Where to buy?

I don't know that anybody has the 48" NXRs to sell, yet. I saw a reference to them "coming soon" at the Dvorson's web site a few months back

As for dealers, a friend of mine who got just back from visiting family in Atlanta told me that there is an appliance dealer there who carries NXRs. Try googling "nxr ranges + atlanta." Nunyabiz and others here have purchased their 30" and 36" NXRs from a dealer in northern Florida. Can't recall the name but maybe Nunya will post in response. ALl seemed pleased with the service.

As for your numbered questions, I have never seen a 48" nxr and can only speak from experience about the 30" models and from reports of friends with a 36" model.

1. Reliability: very simple design and almost entirely repairable with readly available generic parts or, at least, readily available parts also used by other makers . You can do repairs yourself (seen Susan's (aka dirtybloomers) post about her oven ignitor?). Also, pretty much anybody who services restaurant equipment or who has much experience in gas stoves can do repairs for you, according to StacyNeil. Apart from instances of shipping damage to structural parts, only one thing has turned out to be a proprietary (or semi-proprietary) part and that is the halogen bulb used in the oven light fixtures. Duro/NXR apparently carries those according to a recent thread here.

2. Are you asking about actually simmering and/or poaching, asking about melting chocolate without a double boiler or are you looking for bragging rights about having burners that will go too low to do anything useful but allow you to provoke the gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair by the poor benighted souls whose stoves lack such capabilities?

To me, simmering is just below a boil, with no bubbles breaking the surface (200F for you near sea level and 180F at my altitude.) I think poaching temps are around 160F. Melting chocolate is a bit less. Nobody I know has needed a double boiler to melt and hold chocolate. At one point, I thought about maybe usiing the very lowest setting to try to make yogurt. For yogurt, I want to hold water at around 110F. The pot seemed to hold about 120F. Doubtless the 48" NXR will be using the same burners as the 30" and 36" models. Is that what you mean by simmering?

IIRC, the NXR burners are rated to go as a low as 620 btu-hr, which, for me, is in the stupid pet trick category but some might find useful. Maybe for some sous vide cooking? Numbers of NXR owners have posted about melting chocoate on paper plates if that't the kind of thing you wanted to know. (Google "nxr + paper plate + melting chocolate"). Is that what you mean by "simmer"?

3. Adequately broil what? A tray of thirty burgers all at once? (I think that's one of the performance tests used by Consumer Reports). Nope. The infrared broiler (at least in the 30" model) will broil the middles one very well but the outer ones (extending beyond the IR broiler screen) will be kinda pale. But, broiling a couple of steaks or salmon filets? No problem. Lots of postings on this in threads about the present NXR ranges.

4. Burner grates won't rust? Seen any postings? Googled "nxr rang + burner grate + rust" and found nothing? Hmm. What do you make of that?

5. Ignitors: if they click constantly, something is wrong. Wrong as in gunked-up-burner or bad electrical plug/socket (no ground, reversed polarity, etc.) or the bezels for the control knobs need to be re-centered so that the knob does not stick in the "in" position.

6. 403 stainless and rust? So, are you saying that you don't believe anything anybody has posted on this in the past? Or, are you asking if there has been sudden spate of postings about rust in the last few days and that you can't find those posts but are hoping that we wizards here at GW have secret sources of information that we can reveal to you? We don't have any secret sources of info.

7. Smelling gas? Ever? It is a gas stove, for heaven's sake. Every once in a while you may get a tiny whiff of mercaptan as you may with any gas appliance. If you get more than that, then either there's something wrong with the gas lines, the hook-up or the stove and it needs to be fixed.

8. The blue [oven] paint likely won't chip off. There have been some instances of this. Very few of us have run into it. So, yes, it most likely will not chip off. If it does, you got a bad stove and it should be fixed under warranty for the first year of ownership. That's true whether you get the NXR or a Wolf or something else.

9. Regret not getting a dual fuel? Who knows? This may have seemed like a solid question but it strikes me as so much a matter of personal preference that I'm tempted to say: how the heck could we know whether you'll regret it or not? What 48" dual fuel stoves are you considering if you decide to not get the NXR? Do you need/want a self-cleaning oven? Do you need Sabbath/Shabbat modes? Are you absolutely wedded to third element (so-called "true") convection? Do you need/want timed and delayed baking functions?

Actually, if you've been through the many posts here discussing the positives and negatives of dual fuel stoves, nothing we can say here will add to that. Everything involves trade offs: you give up this and get that, but if you want this, then you give up that. I came to my NXR from a GE Dual Fuel. For me, the NXR does a better job baking bread and the GE did a better job with multiple sheets of sugar cookies and everything else is pretty much a wash.

So, I have to say that I have no idea how the dual ovens in the 48" NXR will perform or whether you will or will not regret getting the NXR as opposed to whatever else you are considering buying.

10. Will you love it? Who knows? That is entirely subjective. You think a stove is going to put magic in your life? Personally, I think it is downright weird to love an appliance. :>) And, as far as I can tell, the 48" stove is not even being sold yet. Seems love will be unrequited for a while.

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1. Eventually. Inspect carefully for cosmetic damages - those are the worst to get repaired.
2. You can simmer on the low settings. But if you use large pots, you may want a simmer plate to spread the heat out some. They have 3 "low" settings - both rings on - I would call it a high simmer or just before rolling boil; "Lower" - inner ring all the way up - very useful with simmer plate; and "Lowest" with the inner ring all the way down. Rice - lovely fluffy rice and a keep warm for heavy bottomed pots.
3. I don't broil a lot of portions so I've found it perfect. It can be gentle or furious depending on where you place the rack.
4. Dunno really.
5. Yes, they won't click all the time.
6. No rust in 3 months. I also have a 403 Ref and no rust in 3 years. I live in a fairly humid place, might not be a patch on y'all, tho.
7. I had stray gas smells from the old stove for a while right before it died, so I know what you mean and yes, you won't smell gas all the time.
8. Dunno. I believe Stacey Neil has had one the longest.
9. Dunno that either.
10. I will love the NXR.

I'm a function person and while I can recognize it's limitations if comparing the NXR to the ultimate gas range - I got a lot of performance increase for my relatively few dollar bills. I didn't (and don't) have more dollars bills for a range.

Could it be better? Of course. It's got some issues like the operating area of the broiler isn't as large as it could be and niggling stuff about fit and finish. But it's not even close to the lousy finish on a Frigidaire slide-in - I cut my hand on the over door when I was shopping and the salesperson said "Yeah - they're all like that."

My daily life has improved because I don't spend a lotta time on strategies for how to cook stuff on a range that doesn't perform. Making just about everything is literally faster and I get better results. I am more confident in my ability to cook. In my case, that does translate into affection for my NXR 30".

(but it still doesn't have a name yet, so hasn't achieved pet status).

Here is a link that might be useful:

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