Transparencies .. where to buy for my computer printer??

kacramJanuary 13, 2003

anyone have a clue? You know, like clear acetate sheets?I've looked at office depot, office max and staples on line! I don't want to order online, I need them today, but I thought that would give me an idea if they carried them in the local stores!

thanks in advance!

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Hi Brat Kat!! Are you saying those stores didn't carry them? Did you call the stores, themselves?
Hmmmm...I know some of the folks here have mentioned they buy some of their computer papers and things at Walmart...? Hope someone comes along with a better answer than this...LOL!

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Kat- Go to the office superstore and look in the transparency section for inkjet transparencies. I use Apollo brand inkjet for Canon, Epson & Lexmark- 20 sheets per pack.
Also new is the 3M multipurpose transparency film CG6000, which is supposed to work in inkjets, copiers, lasers and color lasers.


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okay, okay okay! I'm an I D I O T ! lol.. I called office depot and they said they had them. Well, I've spent 1/2 hour THREE TIMES looking around for them. They are NOT with the copier paper! I have been spending my time looking around all the "specialty papers".. glossy photo paper, glossy card stock.. etc.. it is with overhead projectors! AACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK! lol.. thanks!

thank you Arsty! lol I went to office depot and bought there brand as it is WAY cheaper! lol....

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Oh, lil' Kitty...You're not an're just "feline challanged"...Hehehehehe!
Glad you found them...what are you doing with them!????

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DS wanted to use them for a history day project... printed words that pertained to his subject and they laid them over the other pictures and stuff on his display board. Looked really cool!

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