First attempt to put photos on CD

mzmintJanuary 16, 2004

Green Green to this..........Question please.

Once you put photos on a CD, can you add additional photos later..or are you Done with that CD?

this is my weekend project..Is there any wonderful thing I wish I had known prior to starting to put photos on a CD..Kind or speed/size of CD?

I assume I am going to put them into a folder and then go from there. I have doen music CD's. Thank you Pat

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Hi Pat! When you burn picture to a cd r, its a one time deal. But if you use a cd rw, which is more expensive, you can ad to it.

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I have all my photos on CD's. I scanned all the photos into folders, topic, year, celebration, whatever and burned them. I made two copies. One is in the safe deposit box at the bank, the other in my house. I only scan onto CD-R's. I find that they are tolerated by other computers and as long as I burn them as jpeg, I can view them on the TV thru my DVD player. (Your DVD player has to be able to project the jpeg images) The cost of CD-R's is so low, in fact if you watch the ads, you can often get them free after rebates. I often send CD's to family and friends after a get-together. The cost is so low. I try to use brands that I have had good experience with. It is also very helpful to have dates on the images, at least some of them, to stop the arguments of 'when was that taken' as you view them. I do have a software program that helps me organize the pictures and allows me to insert text on the images. Images on CD's last virtually forever. Storing them on other media may not be. It took a long time to sort thru the old photos and scan them into the computer, but the knowledge that fire, storm, whatever cannot take these memories is a good reward.

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The answer is in the help file of your CD burner program.
I use CD maker 2000 with Windows 98. I think there will be a similar scheme in other burner programs to what I do. Look for the instructions for "leave session open".

After dragging the picture title--the suffix can be jpg and tiffs and probably any other because it is a data CD you are making--into the lower window --you click step 2. This takes you to the option to write the CD. On that screen there is a button "Advanced Options". This takes you to another screen where you can choose to test, test & write, or write OR--at the bottom of that box is an button "ADVANCED". This takes you to another screen with write method options. If you click on "Close session, leave disc open" you can later add more data to the disc.

When you open the program to add more pictures, it will ask if you want to add this to the directory of the previous session & you say yes. You must again to the advanced button & tell it to leave session open so you can add yet more data later.

Hope this helps.

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Aunt Mary, what software do you use so that you can put text with the pictures?


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Hi Lora, I have several. I can add text thru MGI's 'Photo Suite', Magix's 'Pictures to CD & DVD, and Microsoft's "Picture-It. Each program has features I like. If I want to adjust exposure on the image, Picture-it is great. It will let me save the image in the format of my choice. Sometimes, you may want a paragraph or clip art and not all programs will let you create a blank image that you can put text/images on. I find that PrintMaster or PrintShop will do this and then you can do a screenshot into Paint to put the image into a format that you can use. Since acquiring a DVD player that will play VCD's as well as .jpeg images, I usually compile the program in 'Pictures to CD & DVD' I bought this almost two years ago, so there may be other programs that do this as well. "Pictures to CD & DVD' compiles the images, will allow me to add text and will do image correcting if the exposure was not great VCD format allows me to add music and individual image viewing time. If I play jpeg images on my DVD, it is one time fits all.

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Gee thanks for all of your advice. A planned "job' lies ahead and I hope to learn it right and get it done. Pat

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I have an 8mm movie that is ver brittle. Would there be any chance of putting it on a DVD?

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