Why didn't you tell me?????? PrintShop 'Discovery'

Tiger_SunnyFlaJanuary 29, 2003

OK...who was guarding this "secret"...and never told me?? LOL!

I was playing around in my ol' PS 6 the other day...and (apparently) hit a button I had never hit before...LOL!

When you're doing a Text Box...there's a lil' button with a big T up on the Toolbar. Well...it makes your text box more like a Headline, with the ability to change the shape, color, outline of the box...it even has a bunch of Word Balloons!! I never knew it was there!!!

Just passing this along in case others have missed it...Hehehehe.


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Hey Tiger, great find. I didn't know that either,sassyo

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You're the best, Lady! Thank you for all the help you've given me.
Your friend, Steve C.

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I am always " finding things" on my print shop 6 Love it !!
But, that is new to me. I love to do photos on mine amazing
how those wrinkles just disapper.HA!

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Sorry! I knew about it, and just assumed everyone did! Want me to go out back to the shed now??? lol

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That feature is also in Mircosoft Word... :)

    Bookmark   February 3, 2003 at 12:38AM
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