Recommendation for paper for Candy Wrappers??

hailie419January 2, 2003

OK I did it finally, made the wrappers I wanted too, now can anyone suggest the kind of paper they used?? I went looking around last month & I recall they were expensive. Any ideas?? TIA Wendy

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I use regular inkjet printing paper and have found it to be all that is necessary....I do many weddings and other functions and the wrappers are lovely. I recently added a laser printer to my work and that is even better, but the inkjet printer and paper works great.

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I agree regular paper is just fine.

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I use Kodac's 'Bright White' inkjet paper. It makes the colors come out nice and bright.
Take care, Steve C.

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I've made candy wrappers several times and the ones I likes the best were printed on the cheapest photo paper I could find.

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Hi Wendy - If you want it to look like the shiny wrapper paper like real candy wrappers - you might try HP's brochure and flyer paper. It's 50 sheets for $12.99 (C6817A). It's shiny on both sides. They may make it shiney on one side as well and it might be cheaper still. You can make alot of candy wrapper from 50 sheets so the cost isn't really too bad. HTH -- Michele

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for the wedding ones i use Iridescent paper.
Makes it look a little fancier.
Staples has it on sale all the time.

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I use regular paper too, but I laminate them. They look much more professional.

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Iridescent paper? What brand? Please tell where to get it. I used to use Gartner paper but have been unable to find any at all.


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how do you work with the paper once you have laminated it? I thought it wouldn't be pliable!Is there some special type of laminate you're using?

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Check out the Hammermill's Soft gloss laser paper - I used it all the time when I did candy wrappers. Using laminate is OK, but it is hard to get tape to stick to it to hold it together...

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