Range Hood Ducting Question

TakkoneMay 2, 2012

I need to vent straight up through the ceiling out the roof with a 1200 CFM fan. It is a short run of only about 2'-3' in length as the range is on an exterior wall where the roof is at its lowest point and there is no attic or finished space above.

We found out there is a rafter in the way of where our 10" round duct needs to go. We are about 2" short of clearing it. Contractor suggested fitting the duct with an elbow to give it just enough offset to get by the rafter, rather than re-framing that part of the roof.

Any huge disadvantage to this solution you can think of?

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It just needs to zig a bit. I think there are adjustable elbow-like duct thingies that can do this. Lord knows I wouldn't reframe the roof for it.

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Small bends will have very little effect. Even a 90 or two would not be a huge deal for 10" duct at 1200CFM, but avoid if you can. If you have a roof-mounted blower, things will get more quiet if you can move it further away from the hood.

The adjustable elbows have sections to turn, and adjust anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Duct elbow (adjustable)

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An adjustable 90 degree elbow can very probably be made into a small offset of exactly the type you require - it consists of 4 rotating sections that can be twisted in all kinds of creative ways. Just make sure they tape all the joints with heat-proof tape, otherwise grease will ooze out over time.

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