Help with Choosing Bypass Shower Doors.

enduringMay 24, 2013

Hi there, I am getting ready to make my door selection for my shower. I have decided to get a bypass door to save some space. I would like information on the Cardinal Skyline. I saw this door online and a local glass company uses Cardinal, so I am considering it for my bypass door. Also the CRL Serenity bypass door that another local glass company uses is nice. Both are stainless steel with exposed roller systems.

Any feedback would be much appreciated :) I bumped a thread on the topic from this past winter. In that thread someone said that they always see problems with Cardinal. Is that other's experience as well? It's hard for me to believe that my local glass company would use an inferior/inconsistent product.

ps, I hope you are all having the beginnings of a nice holiday with your loved ones. We just went out to the local biker bar (runner up best in Iowa) for supper and a drink. Biker as in bicycle.

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The company I work for sells the Cardinal Skyline, we have sold probably a dozen in the last month with no issues, only one and that was minor with the issue being we combined two kits to make both doors able to slide and we had to fabricate a custom hanger bracket so the issue was more installation (20 min fix however) and we have had zero complaints. The CRL Serenity was made available after the Skyline and was made in response in my opinion. Not an awful lot of difference otherwise except I believe you pay a little more for the CRL name.

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Thank you Millworkman, that is very nice to hear. I love the look and it would be a perfect solution to my 5' wide shower alcove installation.

I have another question, do you have to drill holes in the shower curb to install this or can it be installed without a hole drilled? I have a cast iron shower pan and don't want to drill into the curb.

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Not 100% certain but i believe you do for the guides but I will see if I can find out for you for certain.

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Thank you very much for this help. If one were to drill into cast iron is it ok to do so and can it be sealed adequately from the water to not be a rust problem? I would hope that to be true.

I just have to say it is raining cats and dogs here in central Iowa :(

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