lollipop valentine invitation help needed...maybe poem?

marciakmJanuary 15, 2003

I would like to make some valentine invitations to a Sunday School class party. I am thinking maybe inserting a lollipop with the invitation would be cute.

The Theme of the party is "Bring Your Sweetie and a Sweet".

Any ideas out there for what to put on the invitation--maybe a poem??? Anyone want to tackle that one for me? I am not a poet and I "know it!"

Any other suggestions for a cute invitation would be gratefully accepted also! thanks!

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Here's a cute message from a Valentine invitation in my American Greetings program. It has a cute bear on the front holding a red heart and says:

"Our party just won't be a treat
Unless someone who's extra sweet
Will come to make the fun complete!"

Then inside it says: "That's you (Name)" on one side and then the information about the party on the other side.

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Thank you...that would work!

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I received the wonderful poem today from Kelliwv---just wanted to share with everyone! Thanks so much Kelli!!!!!

How about this? (I would enclose two lollipops, for obvious reasons :) ) 

Valentine's Day is for lovers,   
Or so the story goes,   
So let's all get together   
And make sure that everyone knows!   
Bring your favorite sweetheart   
And also bring a treat;   
Something rich and decadent,   
Your favorite kind of sweet!   
Until then here are lollipops,   
One for you and one for your love,   
To remind you of those sweet daily blessings   
We receive from the Lord above! 

Hope this helps!   
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THERE are several poems posted in referance to my need for a Valentine poem on the craft and decorations thread. One I am going ot use for SS. Look for post by pinecone.

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