Metallic Print Cards

jillzeyJanuary 17, 2004

Has anyone seen these? Do they really make ink jet printing look metallic?

New product by Avery, didn't see it in the catalog, so have no idea of the cost. And it says it's not recommended for use in Canon printers, but guaranteed to feed easily thru Epson, HP & Lexmark.

But wouldn't it be interesting...


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That is interesting! And wouldn't you know....I just bought a new Canon printer. I might try it anyway.

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Nebgranny98 has let me know that she just tried them, said they were nice, only metallic on one side. She got them in WalMart in the clearance aisle.

I gotta get out more. I'm missing good stuff on the clearance aisle!


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I have used them for a few months... It makes the card look like a bought one.. It works great! Better with primary colors it does good with pastels!

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Thanks Debi.

I found them at Office Depot, but for $14 for 10 I think I'll pass until I really need them for something special (or find them on clearance!)


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