I spy Christmas tree pics

nhardySeptember 2, 2010

I know you all like to see pics. So here are a few of other peoples Christmas trees and lights. My sister's & my trees are in there too. I just wish Connie spelled my name right. Oh well. Check out Margaret's trees! And I thought I have a lot of figural ornaments. How many hours does it take to put them all up??


I've started to looking for ornaments. Hobby Lobby have 40% off this week on their ornaments. I'm all excite that the Polish manufacturer has made fruit ornaments this year. Looks like Bronners & Sur La Table bought most of the line. I was doing a little summer cleaning. One of my trees smelled a little musty last year. So I put it up on the screened back porch to air it out for a week. I'm a cleaning mood!

On a different note, did you see the figural acorn candle at Bath & body works from Slatkin? Very cute!! I thought of you all when I saw it.

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THANK YOU, I absolutely love looking at Christmas decor photos any time.
Wish I could get to Hobby Lobby before the sale ends but that's not likely. Darn. (not that I need to buy more stuff, LOL).

hugs, Karen

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If we're playing "I Spy," then:

I spy .... turkey dinner plates at TJMaxx a few days ago & salad plates $4 ea...they were transferware & also had dinner turkey plates (Queen) in color. I resisted! (but thought of you inspiring "enablers!" Jeanne S.

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nhardy, on that site you sent, I fell in love with two of the photos.
This Hallmark snowflake cookie tree... from last year I presume. I even checked eBay for one but no luck. ;o(

Then this wonderful wreath of ornament MISHAPS. She said all the ornies were broken ones! Wow, hard to believe.

Jeanne, TJ Maxx is next door to Hobby Lobby here!! Double-Trouble. But not close enough for me to drive, so need my friend to take me. Plus I'd be gone almost 2 hrs time I walked both shops, and not sure if I could leave my dad that long right now.

hugs, Karen

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Love both those items, too, PM. I couldn't get the link to open when I pasted it in...said "the web page you typed in is not available"...so will try again later. What a great save on "broken ornies"...wow! That is something! And the cookie tree...sweet! Thanks, nhardy.

Hugs to you & Dad, Karen! Jeanne

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Karen, the cookie tree was from the 2007 season. There is one on ebay. Use the words Hallmark gingerbread display.

Jeanne, if you go to the Holidaysvision website then click Christmas and the one I posted was the 2008 season.

Do you think she glue the ornaments to the wreath?? Does any one have one of those upside down trees??

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Thanks N. But the darn price, and the additional shipping puts it waaaay out of my range. :o(
I thought I'd typed in every possible thing in the search box last night, LOL. Gingerbread was the key it seems.

I'm sure those ornaments are glued to the wreath, at least I would have them glued myself. My DD's MIL has a small 4 ft table tree she uses for broken ornaments and its so darn cute. She even puts some small chipped wineglasses on it. Her Mishap Tree! But honestly, no one would have a clue anything on it was broken. (she's worse than me about throwing stuff out, and Christmas decorating. I love to see her stuff each year.)

hugs, Karen

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I love that mishap wreath!
Karen I will keep my eyes open for that Gingerbread tree for you in the thrift shop!

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