Induction Slide-in: Electrolux vs Kenmore

jessraeMay 25, 2010

I'm torn between the Electrolux and Kenmore induction slide-in ranges. I've read good things about both. I love all the neat bells and whistles that the Elec'x has (the sliding racks, lighting, 2nd oven.) My biggest issue with the Elec'x is that it seems a litte more bulky and the controls stick out into the walkway a bit more than the Kenmore. We have an island across from the range so how far the it protrudes past the cabinets is a big concern. Any opinions out there from owner's of one of these ranges?

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I was hoping this question would receive some responses, because I'm also considering these. Unfortunately I can't provide any opinion as an owner, yet.

As I recall, the Electrolux induction range comes with a meat probe, but the Kenmore doesn't; I don't think either has a rotisserie. So I'm leaning toward the Electrolux, but I'm not so concerned about how it protrudes.

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I have the Kenmore induction slide-in and am very happy with it. What would you like to know about? I don't anything about the Electrolux so I can't compare.

The Kenmore does come with a meat probe (I used it at Christmas to make a turkey breast and it worked wonderfully).

I personally think the biggest consideration when buying this stove is the burner layout -- mainly because there are size limitations on the pans you use on each burner.

I like my stove because I can use a 10" and a 12" skillet together in the front. I could probably even use two 12" skillets together in the front if I owned two. I tend to use larger pans so this was important to me.

Let me know what else you want to know.

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Hi Stir_fryi, I'll chime in with a question! I am also currently shopping electric/induction range options. I'm only able to go with a 30" range (currently have an older Kenmore electric slide-in, not my purchase), and I'm seriously shopping the Kenmore slide-in induction range. My question: has rave reviews of this range; however, a couple of reviews on GW have described issues such as the oven lining chipping, or control panel issues upon purchase and initial use of the range. Have you experienced anything unsatisfactory with your range? Do you love it?


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Within two weeks of getting my range, it started throwing fault codes. We had to shut of the circuit breaker to get it to stop. The technician was pretty clueless and wanted to "replace of the computer boards." I talked to my salesman and had a brand new range delivered a few days later. Since then (7 months ago), no problems.

I different poster (beachlilly) had the oven liner flake off when she ran the self-cleaning cycle. She has had it replaced twice I think. She has also had issues with some burners.

I do love this range. The stovetop is the best! Great control on EVERY burner. The convection oven works as well as my last one. The only thing I have limited use of is the warming drawer. I think I've used it twice but it takes a long time to preheat and does not get that hot in my opinion (but I've never had one before so what do I know?).

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Do you mind me asking if you also purchased an extended warranty with the range? Your story makes a good argument for not dealing with a faulty range upfront.

Have you used the self-cleaning cycle? Have you heard of anyone else experiencing a faulty lining?

Thank you once again for your time and information!

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I did in fact buy the five year warranty. It costs more than the five year warranty for a standard electric range. I asked for a discount on the plan (because it was very expensive) and, at first, I was told they can't discount service plans -- but then he did knock some off the price.

I have only used the self clean feature once. I have some flaking where the racks glide against the sides of the oven but not enough to warrant a service call. beachlilly is the only one I know that has had the oven liner replaced.

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Thank you, Stir_Fryi! I really appreciate your feedback. Still haven't decided to pull the trigger, but to me, the Kenmore is worth the gamble. I love the GE Cafe slide-in (induction still not available with GE for slide-ins), but most likely I'd still be seriously leaning toward the Kenmore induction. So many positive reviews online...

Thanks once again! Have a good Holiday Weekend!

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Electolux owners, can you also share your experience pro or con?

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Hello, I have the Kenmore induction free-standing, which is actually made by Electrolux! Don't know if Electrolux makes the slide-in, too, nor what differences there are between the Kenmore and Electrolux versions. I love mine. I did have the clock mechanism replaced shortly after it was installed, as not all the numbers showed properly. I was a bit annoyed by this, as they said this was a known problem and there was a repair kit, so they should have fixed it before they sent it to me. Sears repaired it promptly, with no cost to me, and everything has worked beautifully since then. It does have a probe. I've used all the features including the self-cleaning function with no problems at all. I highly recommend induction cooking :)

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I was planning on purchasing the Kenmore slide-in during this weekend's Family and Friends sale. I have been watching prices for a month. I am a bit concerned because the service agreement which was quoted to me by the sales rep in the store at $379 for 5 years (and confirmed online at that same rate) almost doubled this week to $634.99! Have they discovered problems that require a lot of expensive servicing? I read online that some people had problems with oven liners flaking after using the oven cleaning cycle the first time. Anyone have ideas as to my the service plan would have shot up so much overnight?

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Anyone know what P6 code is when you turn the burner on? I have an Electrolux Induction slide in electric range. I had the referred repair company out to look at it clueless! he said its the pans, you have the wrong pans. I get new pans which are magnatised, same thing. Oven works great, burners will not heat up. Yes, the electrician checked the power itd correct. Any help please??????

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