can you mix and match sink with vanity?

naadimreMay 25, 2013

is this a really stupid question? b/c i've googled this to no end, with no real answer. this is what i'm thinking:

i've been looking at vanities and i found a kohler sinktop that i love, but i don't love the vanity that it's meant to go with.

i'm posting a picture of the sink and vanity together from kohler's Escale line.

i definitely want more storage than what that option gives, but i'm not sure if you can mix and match brands for the sinks and vanity? i've been looking at duravit a lot for the vanities, which would give more storage - see link below photo

the vanity is 47-1/4 X 18-1/2
the dimensions of the sinktop which is a little oddly shaped and purposefully juts out over the vanity is approx 14 X 40 with a 6 inch overhang of the sink-basin:

otherwise, is a custom vanity needed?


Here is a link that might be useful: duravit delos

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Don't see any reason why you can't use the sink with a different vanity. Just have to make sure it fits.

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The sink doesn't come attached to the vanity, it's sold separately. You can install it on any vanity that's large enough. Make sure that you take into account the height of the sink, since you'll want your vanity (and counter) to be that much lower.

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ok, thanks for the replies!

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