Help choose between Bosch and Miele Dishwasher

burn-sideMay 2, 2013

Hi, I'm looking to get a dishwasher for my new house. My budget is $2k. I'm looking at the following:

Bosch SHX9ER55UC
Miele Dimension Plus G 5775 SCSF

Which would you recommend or let me know if you have another idea!


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The only definitive advantage for the 800 + is noise reduction. It may be 3-4 db quieter.

It claims best in class water and energy efficiency but that may be only if you use a cycle that does not really get dishes clean. There was a long thread about this subject about a year ago. People used science lab instruments to measure water and energy use. It was extremely close with Miele slightly ahead but probably within the margin of error.

If you have an open floor plan and are extremely particular about noise pollution I would strongly consider the 800+ otherwise I would go with Miele.

Miele for quality construction, customer service, self-adjusting water softner vs manually adjusted waster softner . IMO the racks are better too but maybe that is because I am used to Miele racks.

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deeageaux is right - you should make your decision based on the racks.

Both are quality units, the Bosch is from their German factory not the one in NC. I don't think the Bosch is noticeably more quiet than the miele, so I wouldn't concern myself with that either.

It really boils down to the the rack config and your dishes and loading habits. I find the top tray in the Miele far better for loading cutlery than that in the Bosch.

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thanks deeageaux and xedos! I am leaning toward the Miele at this point. It sounds like it is a bit better made as well, so more reliable. Rack configuration is important to me if it means cleaner dishes/utensils.

Do either of you know if Miele ever gets special builder prices?

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PLEASE DO NOT buy Bosch dishwasher. We got one last week, model # SHE3AR52UC. Yes, it was very quiet and energy save but has several cons that you need to consider:
1. the dishes will not dry
2. longer cycle
3. when the cycle done and you open the dishwasher door, you will expect about 2" standing water. Unless you use it everyday if not it will smell.
4. design of the rack is not efficient.
5. you have to add rinse aid to help you dry dishes.

I found out from that 45% people do not like Bosch dishwasher. GE or Kenmore do better job then Bosch.

I hope this will help you.

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As we have seen from numerous posts here on garden web, there is a "reasonably good chance" that if you buy a Bosch, DW,you "Could get", a real "Stinker". (That's not to say that there are numerous folks that have the Bosches and like them).

Buttttttt, due to the "best of my knowledge" We've only seen one post of a Miele that "Stinks", so my self I like the "Odds" better with the Miele.

I've had the Miele Optima 7 years now and nary a stink out of it, and many times it is not used for several weeks.
I do like the 45 minute "short wash" on it too, that's all we ever use, and even after a big load from parties that we have.


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Thanks for all your advice. Yeah, I think it's a Miele for us!

I have one more question and just let me know if I should open up a new thread for this. So it sounds like we will go with the Miele 5775 Stainless and Bosch 800 series induction (no gas where we're building). I'd like to stick with stainless throughout the kitchen. We will still need an oven, microwave, and refrigerator. I don't want the kitchen looking hodgepodge with so many different brands. For the remaining appliances, which brand would you recommend? Our remaining budget for the 3 appliances would be in the neighborhood of $6k.

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Wow Memmom you state :
- I found out from that 45% people do not like Bosch dishwasher.

Since Bosch sells approximately 1/2 a million d/w's a year here in the states and been doing so for the last 14+ years are you really stating that over 3 million Bosch d/w customers don't like their dishwasher???

Regarding your d/w
you have another post where you've been told it's probably an install issue and to have service check it out. Have you done this yet ?

It's been my experience that regardless of the brand it's generally less than 3 % of the customers are dissatisfied with their product. ( I've been in the appliance business since 1973)

To the original poster--- You can't really go wrong with the Miele or the Bosch. But because both are of a European design you need to insist the installers follow the instructions word for word or you may end up with a less than satisfactory experience like memmom

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Considering a less expensive ADA compliant Bosch the SGE63E, what are the install issues? What is it that they have to do differently

Also this replaces a 2011 GE GLDT696 that has had 3 major leaks due to a clamp or hose coming loose under the dishwasher. Have you any experience with this? I do not think it was an install problem because I had service out twice for each of the leaks

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hum............mom46 - I'm sorry you are unhappy with your DW, but you bought the bottom of the barrel, EL CHEAPO, lowest quality, plastic bottomed Bosch that often sells for less than $500.

burn-side is looking at the top of the range , made in Germany, $2000 ++ model that has an all stainless tub and a water softener. BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGG difference between what you have.

Furthermore - your Bosch and all others WILL dry dishes. They won't completely dry facet or groove laden THIN PLASTIC items like tupperware or sippy cups. But then again neither will a model with a "heated dry" function ! They will both dry china, ceramic and glass and thick plastic/acrylic dishes just fine , if used properly.

Yes it has longer cycles than your previous 20 year old DW. So do all models from all brands today - even American makes like Kitchen Aid and GE . Unless you're running a short order diner and need dishes turned over what difference does it make whether the cycle is 52 minutes or 1 hour and 37 ??? You can't wait around for either one.

If you have standing water - your product has not been installed properly or it's defective (though less likely) .

Racks being efficient are a matter of personal taste so I won't chide you much here. I will point you back to your el Cheapo model and tell you that you have the least sturdy and adjustable rack in the Bosch lineup.

Yes, rinse aid is compulsory in all european dishwashers. A drag for some , but with this need comes the freedom to place plastic items in any rack with out fear of melting ! To each his own.

BTW - you might want to do a little bit of homework before you spout out stats like 45% and Kenmore is sooooooo great. Betcha didn't know that Bosch manufactures some of those relabeled Kenmore DWs.

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Why is rinse aid compulsory in all European DW?I have never owned one and was deciding between the ADA Bosch and ADA Whirlpool, leaning to the Bosch (low counters). Miele is more than I want to spend as I may redo the kitchen sometime soon).

Honestly the less chemicals the better,I have small children and worry about unknown chemicals, I try to use the least toxic detergent as it is. What happens if I do not use rinse aid ? Am I better off getting the Whirlpool which I already hate (cannot stand the black controls on the Stainless), sight unseen, if I do not plan to use rinse aid?

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European DWs do not have heated dry, which is why you need to use rinse aid if you want the dishes to dry in a reasonable amount of time. These days, some American DWs do not have heated dry so you need to check the features of the particular model.

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I have a 13-year-old Bosch, and loved it, until I had to replace the racks. The newer rack configuration is much less efficient than the old. Standard dinner plates hit the rotating arm, and the tines of the rack are so close together that it's hard to load. That's just my opinion, but when I need to replace this Bosch, I'll probably look at other brands because all the new models seem to have this kind of rack. I even went on ebay looking for the old racks!

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I live in the town in NC where BSH (Bosch) is located. BSH closed the dishwasher plant in February to do a 50 million dollar overhaul of the line. There was an article in the paper a few weeks ago that showed the ribbon cutting on the new line and said they will roll out a new line of dishwashers in May. I am (hopefully!) linking the article.
I don't know what the changes are going to be. My 'source' of info moved back to Germany. I'm waiting to see before I decide on my reno.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Bosch Dishwasher line

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I bought the Miele G5775 SCSF and paid the overpriced fee to have Miele do the install directly. This was for a new house. Just moved in and tried to use the dishwasher for the very first time. It immediately went to a lockout state with an error message, and will not even run the for the very first load. Called Miele and was told it would be 10 days before they could get a tech to even look at it (and I'm hoping he won't have to wait to order parts). Needless to say I'm not at all pleased moving into a new house with a new top-line (supposedly "reliable") dishwasher, then having to hand-wash dishes. Miele's so-called "Concierge Service" is a joke. Don't know if Bosch is any better.

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