New Construction Master Bathroom Help!

whm121May 30, 2013

So we are finally in the selection phase of our new house. This has been a backwards process and I had to pick out my cabinets a couple weeks ago without knowing any of the other selections and without the designer on board yet. So... long story short, for the bathroom they are Cardell's Wyndham II in a Maple Smoke stain. Okay, check.

Now we got to see the actual countertop and flooring selection options today and we aren't impressed. So we have decided to upgrade. Every picture I am looking at and like with dark countertops in the master bathroom is marble... and we are not careful people. I'm always spilling stuff, we have a young baby (and hopefully more to come) and I am worried about maintaining marble when I can barely make it through the day without spilling something on our current master bath countertop.

So, can I get some help from all you experienced people? We are going for a traditional look- something that will still look classic in 10 years. Is marble that bad? Our kitchen will be kashmir white, so is that a good choice? Or is there some other type of white-ish granite that I am missing out on for the master bathroom? And the floor? Goodness, I am overwhelmed.

Thank you in advance!

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Have you thought about a white quartz?

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I think you need to decide first what are the colors that you want to have in your bathroom . I started mine with blue and green ( aquatic colors ) glass tile . I wanted a clean bright and white bathroom , but with some color in it . Look at bathroom pictures on houzz website for inspiration . Look at threads of finished bathrooms on this web . I believe somebody had a beautiful black and white granit as vanity top . I you don't want marble for maintenance , there is a quartz or quartzite that looks like marble and its maintenance free . You can have a porcelain floor that looks like marble ( look at my thread about fake marble ) . You just have to decide first what colors you want for floors, walls, vanity top , and shower walls. I did marble floors , marble vanity, white ceramic for shower walls with glass tile accents , and topsail ( blueish , greenish ) color for walls. My vanity is cherry wood , brandywine with ebony glaze . Look at my previous threads , you will see pictures of all this , and info about fake marble porcelain tiles.
Good luck .

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Okay, I decided on River White granite. That's a relief. Now for the floor- our interior designer suggests travertine. Any thoughts on this?

(Design is not my strength, so I truly appreciate all input).

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Travertine is pricey & fragile. My DM has travertine floors in her baths--cost a pretty penny--then accidentally got a little Windex on the floor of her master bath--travertine etched and soaked up the blue color. Not good.

On the flip side, you could go with a travertine look alike if you like the way travertine looks. Florida Tile makes a look-alike that we used called 'Las Olas'. The Sand Dollar & Sea Oats color selections resemble light travertine. This is a discontinued tile, but they do still have a lot in stock at FL tile. I would move quick though. 2 runners up from FL Tile would be 'Pristine' or 'Renaissance' in Grigio or Crema colors (Crema more resembles crema marfil though). We used all 3 of these tiles in our house (Las Olas for bath & laundry floors, Pristine or kids' shower surrounds & Renaissance for the master shower. All 3 were VERY reasonably priced.

BTW- we have the opposite of you when it comes to granite--River White in the kitchen and Kashmir White in the master bath!

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: FL Tile Website

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Thank you so much! This is good to know! I know absolutely nothing about tile. In our current house, our son's room and laundry room are travertine- I don't particularly care for this shade and I assumed it was a generic tile. I got our builder's list (for this home) and it says travertine. So... I assume he followed his spec list.

Currently, we have chosen a travertine "look alike" for the new house. I asked them just how much more travertine would be and they said "a lot more." Okay, but just exactly how much? We're willing to upgrade, but definitely want to make sure we're smart about it. Thanks for the tip about the windex- that is something I would do. We hope to have 3-4 kids, so a fragile tile is probably not the best for us.

Besides travertine, is there anything else?

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