Is this a mistake? (Too late)

chibimimiDecember 16, 2012

My husband left something cooking too long in a good stainless steel pot and it ended up with burnt-on residue. After soaking, scrubbing, and scouring with little effect, I grabbed the oven cleaner, gave the pot a good spray, and left it for a few hours. The residue rinsed right off. The pot looks great, but now I'm wondering if this was a smart thing to do. Assuming the pot is well-cleaned before we use it again, is it all right or have I ruined it? Or even worse, do I run the risk of poisoning the family if I use it again?

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If the pot looks great, why would you think you ruined it? Just wash and rinse it thoroughly before using it again.

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I've used oven cleaner on stubborn burned spots on pots,pans, baking and serving pieces. Just don't leave on too long, maybe 5 minutes, it works great. Definitely wash and rinse well before cooking in them. Nobody in my family has been made sick by doing this.

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I don't think it will hurt anyone but would not be at all surprised if the finish has been damaged. It would be visible, though and I guess depends on the quality of the piece.
You'll know for sure the next time you use it to cook- if it is damaged everything will stick and it will be so annoying that you toss it.

But if it looks the same chances are it is the same and will be fine.

Bottom line- try it and see.

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I burned mine and just replaced it, I wasn't sure about permanent damage. I like the new pans I have been seeing in the stores. The are rounder and more shallow than the older pans. They fit the burners better.

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Thanks, all. Since I won't poison anyone by using it, we'll see how it holds up to cooking. If it doesn't -- out it goes!

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