Mirabelle Edenton tub

axxis_roseMay 25, 2012

Hi, I have some questions about the Mirabelle Edenton tub. I am considering the basic model for use as a tub and shower and am wondering if the 20" height feels too tall to step into as a shower. 95% of the time this tub will be used as a shower. Also, it says online that it has a textured bottom. What does this feel like? Does it get darker and attract dirt like the bottom of textured cast iron tubs? Finally, what does it mean that the tub has no access panel? This tub will be installed into a corner, so I am excited that it has a clean-lined apron front that I don't have to tile.

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I have the Edenton air bath in the 60"x"30"x20" in an alcove application. If you're not getting a whirlpool or air bath than you won't need an access panel. If you're getting an air bath or whirlpool you really need to have access to the side opposite the drain, or you'll need to install the pump remotely (like in a linen closet) and run tubing to the tub (at least if it's an air bath--I'm not sure if you can do a remote install for a whirlpool).

I like the tub a lot. I'm 6' tall, so it's not difficult to step in, but I don't use it as a shower. The floor is not textured like the Kohler Archer tub or cast iron tubs, it's mottled/dimpled. So, it won't have the same brown/gray discolorations that come with the sand-papery texture other companies use.

Here are some pictures:

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Thanks, Kevin! You were just the person I was hoping would see this post ;)

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One more question: is the back rest comfortable? It looks less slanted than most other tubs and is my husband's main concern.

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If you're buying a tub that shallow for a shower application, all of the backrests are pretty upright. The Hydrosystems Lacey was my favorite, but it's nearly identical to the Edenton in appearance, 2" wider, and yet has smaller interior dimensions (that is, real life dimensions--I sat in it in NJ).

I wouldn't be deterred by the backrest angle. It's fine.

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Hi. I am very happy to find thIs post. I am about to purchase the standard edenton shown above and I have some reservations. I will be replacing an old school super strong cast iron. I am concerned about feel and durability. Will the edenton feel solid under my feet or very plastic-y? Also, I shower with bar soap and have lots of soap scum. Will the look of this tub stay nice? Any recommendations on cleaning?

I would love to hear your experiences. Thank you

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Acrylic is very solid. It's not like fiberglass shower stalls that you've been in. And the tubs are set in cement.

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Just a cautionary note... Gardenweb member fb1981 had a serious quality issue with a Mirabelle Edenton; you can read about it on the thread I've linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mirabelle Edenton quality issue

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I haven't had any of those issues, and I wouldn't categorize them as "serious" even had I experienced them. And I suspect some of it has to do with how it's seated in the cement bed, etc. Mine has a slight (and I mean barely perceptible bow), but it's really nothing to complain about. It was half the cost of the others.

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