air jets feel?

Felicia123May 18, 2012

I'm really considering a tub with air jets, but I'm concerned that it's going to feel like I'm sitting in soda water...tickling bubbles. I think that would be annoying. I can't find a showroom that has tubs that I can put my arm in and get a feel for it.

For those who have one, can you tell me if it's all tickly or do you feel some motion from the air jets?


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Soda water tickling bubbles are found in the Kohler Effervescence feature & Jason Microsilk. Other than that, my experience with air tubs has been lots of powerful bubbles all at once all around the tub that give you an allover therapeutic (I would say similar to a deep tissue) massage.

If you go to the Bain Ultra site, they have a link with hotels/bed & breakfasts that have their tubs in them where you can rent a room and try them out if you like. Think of it as a mini-vacation with the opportunity to give a potential future tub a test drive.

Hope this helps!

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We have an MTI infinity tub (Caribe I think it is called) w/ air jets. They are definitely not tiny bubbles. When on full-blast, they are just as jetty as jacuzzi tubs I have been in. They can also be turned down for a gentler experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my air tub. It is one of my favorite things about my new house!

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I had a Jason Air Masseur tub with air holes all around the bottom edge in my last house. I loved it, I so much prefer it to a jetted tub with just a few powerful jets. Not tickly at all.

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i know it's been a while since this was posted, but I've heard that the air jets can feel a little chilly in that the air may be heated (in some options) but as it goes up and escapes, so does the warmth - vs a whirlpool that is adding warm water to your tub while you're in it? Can either of the Air jet lovers speak to that experience, yea or nea? Thanks!

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We live in a chilly climate and our air jet tub does not noticeably cool the water.

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