Wider vanity or wider shower for master bath?

ikea_gwMay 12, 2013

We have a width of 91 inches for a vanity and a shower with frameless glass door. My contractor recommended a 5.5 inches wide curb and the vanity we like comes in 48 inches or 40 inches.

If we go with 48 inch vanity, we will have roughly 36 inch space inside the curb. If we go with a 40 inch vanity, we can have a much roomier shower and have more than 2 inches between the glass door and the vanity. The other dimension of the shower is 55 inches. We just can't decide which way to go and we do need to order the vanity pretty soon. What would you do? The bathroom is used just by me and my spouse. Thanks.

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Depends on which is more important to you -- vanity space/shower space. For me -- with either vanity size, you are only going to have one sink, and one person using it at a time? 40 inches seems big enough in that scenario, so I'd take the extra room in the shower -- I like a roomy shower.

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We are definitely going with just 1 sink. We had a double sink in our old master and we always used the same sink for whatever reason. The wider vanity will give us more counter space and storage but even the 40 inch will give us more than enough storage.

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So one thing is my spouse is 6 ft tall. I guess I'd like hear what other tall guys think.

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I would prefer the increased shower space myself, but it depends how you use the bathroom. Do you frequently get ready at the same time, using the mirror and vanity side by side, with lots of product all over? If not, 40" should be fine. If so, extra counter space may be more important.

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We don't often get ready at the same time but we are not planning on having a medicine cabinet so I can imagine having the tissue box, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap on the counter at all times.

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if a 40" vanity is more than enough storage for you, then extra room in the shower would be nice... i would want more storage too...

can you order a 30" vanity and a 15" bank of drawers... that would give you a couple more inches on both the vanity and shower....

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I'd go with the 40" vanity and the bigger shower with a little more space in between.

With that smaller vanity, you might want to reconsider the medicine cabinet. I just decided to put a medicine cabinet back into my bath remodel. I realized I would prefer to have a place for the toothbrushes and other bits that tend to stay on the counter all the time. I haven't had a medicine cabinet in so long, I forgot how useful they are, and these days there are lots of great options. I thought about getting the Pottery Barn vintage recessed cabinet, but decided on a Robern to get an outlet in there too. That way the toothbrushes and shavers can charge out of sight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Vintage Medicine Cabinet

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Hmm so the consensus seems to be a bigger shower and a 40 inch vanity. How big should my shower be then? It can go as large as 51 inch from wall to outside of a 5.5 inch curb but I think that would be way too big. Maybe 45 inches from wall to outside of 5.5 inch curb? That will give me roughly 42 inches from the wall to the frameless glass door. 42x55 seems like a really good size.

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