OH my, What a Sale!!!!!! (PICS)

yachter123September 9, 2010

Ok, we usually do not have sales on Wednesday around here, so after gdson went to school, I was browsing the local sales online & saw one in a subdivision in my town.

It was in an exclusive area where I have found many nice things in the past and is less than 5 mins from my house.

I figured why not run over there & check it out. It said Estate Sale, clothes, shoes, purses & household!

OH my, when I pulled up, the driveway looked like you were in Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. Tables upon tables of home decor, the entire driveway was full, besides the tables.

Inside the 3 car garage were racks upon racks of expensive dress clothes, coats, wraps, jackets, scarves, jewelry, purses, you name it!!!

I picked up 6 pair of sunglasses for my gdaughter, she loves them & they were all Nina Ricci, Sag Harbour & other brands, at .50 each!

Here are the things I purchased for ME.

This set includes 4 plates, 4 bowls, a napkin holder, two ramikin bowls & a dip & spreader. They were all brand new, plates & bowls still have the Kohl's tags on them at $12.99 each, that is each plate & each bowl, not the set. The other items were also $12.99 each, tags still on them.

The lady sold the entire set to me for $20.00!!!!!!!!!

This basket has inset metal leaves & grapes and metal handles, brand new tag at $37.00 marked down to $18.99 and I paid $8 for it.

The trunk was new price tagged $29.99 and I paid $10 for it. The plate/picture holders were new tagged at $3.99 each & I paid $3 for the set.

The gold silk table runner was $2.00 and the oval tray was marked new priced $12.99 and I paid $5 for it.

The glass vase with sunflowers had a new tag on it from Home Goods at $16.99 and I paid $4.00 for it.

Took my gdaughter back to the sale after she got out of school & she bought a smaller trunk and a glass vase of flowers and MORE sunglasses & a purse.

This chest

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Forgot to add, she had oodles of oriental decor, so that probably saved me from bringing her entire driveway home with me.

The clothes were not my size, but anyone who was her size would have had a wardrobe to last a lifetime.

Everything was expensive and very dressy, don't know what kind of closet she kept it all in, as it filled the entire 3 car garage!!!! The prices were like $2 for tops, $3 for skirts & pants, $6 for two piece outfits and jackets were $5 and long coats were $10. Nothing over ten dollars!!!

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That sale was just calling your name today! WOW. Glad you listened. Your GD's going to be set for life with sunglasses. LOL. You found a lot of wonderful table things to play with! Not to mention the prices for it.
I'd go nuts at yard sales I'm afraid, so probably a good thing I'm too shy to go alone to them.
I do know that Dealers here watch for Estate sales listings and get there at crack of dawn to snatch up good stuff to resell. I've read articles or posts from folks
lamenting this problem. It said certain areas having Estate sells are nearly impossible for most folks to score big cause of the dealers. :o(

I'm so glad you had a great shopping day!
hugs, Karen

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What fun! I've been to estate sales where everything is priced way too high for me, but I'm with Karen, I would have gone nuts at this one!

What great things you got! Great buys on the dishes and other accessories, I expect to see them in a tablescape soon.

- Magpie

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Karen & Magpie, yes usually estate sales over price things, but this one was run by the daughters & not a prof. estate sales group.

I was there shortly after they opened since it was so close to my house & also, our town is out of the way & small, so the dealers don't usually come out this way.

I have seen that happen in the bigger cities where I also go, but not usually here.

I do see flea market people at the ones in the bigger cities, you can tell them right away, they leave their old rickety van running in the middle of the street, they run up to the sale & are only interested in electronics, like dvd & vcr players, tv's etc..

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Yachter, you came home with some very nice things. I love palm trees and your dishes are wonderful. The basket with inset metal leaves & grapes is pretty neat. What will you do with the trunk and tray to match?

Plate holders and vases w/flowers are always great to have around. Your gold table runner will work with alot of settings.

You sound like me with sun glasses for DGD. I usually end up buying hers in the mall at Gymboree for $1 and I let her have as many as she likes every year. They are not expensive ones like you bought but work great for a 5 yr old. Don't have to worry if she loses them or gives some to friends.

So happy you had a fun run today.


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WOW! You scored big time!
I like everything you bought.
Isn't it fun when you find things you like for such low prices??

TFS, although I wish I could have gone with you! LOL,

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VERY exciting!!! I would LOVE to find a cousin to that sale! Our estate sales are always over run with ebayers and dealers. You really were fortunate and found some lovely things... Good for you!!

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Yachter, I could almost feel your excitment as I read your post! You got some great things at amazing prices! I just can't figure out why people buy things and never even take the tags off--either they have lots of money to shop or they get amazing gifts that they never get around to using! Whatever the reason, I'm so glad you were able to get these great bargains! Luvs

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The dishes are so unique...I love the shape of the plates & the bowl rims...& the palm tree pattern & colors...what a bargain! Looking forward to a t'scape with that set!

That gold silk runner looks like it belongs with the basketry & easels that you found...lovely! Looks like a great shopping day! TFS, yachter. Jeanne S.

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Luvs, I have a feeling this lady had money to burn, you should have seen the Oreintal things she had, probably bought most of it in the East personally.

Yes and you did hear the excitement in my post, I was planning on going to a sale up north, but it was the only one on Wed. although I've been to this sale before & they have lovely things & great prices, but was too lazy to drive 20 miles to go to one sale.

I was just not going to go to any sale that day & it was like it was meant to be that I found one right in my neighborhood that probably blew the other one away, so yes, it was exciting. Bad thing is, everything I bought is still sitting on my hot-tub as I have no place to put it.

Been procrastinating about trying to find room on the shelves in the basement, where I know there is NO ROOM!

I will have to rid myself of some things if I want to put these away soon!

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WOWIE! You did great! Kind of sad though. I guess our kids will be doing that with our stuff too!
Love the dishes and basket!

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Kathleen, I imagine you are right about that with out kids.
In preparation, LOL, I've tried to let my daughter know what of my collections are actually valuable and hopefully she will eBay them and get the money. I've taken photos and done info on most things that she'd need to know.
But as for all the other stuff that we here on the Forum go nuts over...instead of being sad, I'm trying to think of
how excited and happy someone else be with it.. "finding" it at a yard sale or thrift store! That makes me feel better. Maybe its like a circle of endless sharing with others who love the things we do.

hugs, Karen

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Good way to look at it, Karen. The Mother of All Garage Sales, LOL
I just remember when my mom died and we had an estate sale. It was sad to sell her things. We all took as much as we could, and donated a lot. Her piano that she had tuned every year and was beautiful? No one wants pianos anymore. We gave it away!

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Kathleen & Karen, it was sad, I always think of my own mother & the sale we had also, when I go to a sale like this, but I also tell myself, that the things this lady cherished are being used still & not ending up just thrown away.

I think, harder than the decor items were all the clothes I saw at this sale. It was harder seeing all the ladies pawing thru the clothes, than buying the decor items.

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