Scotchgard Area Rugs?

kksmamaDecember 18, 2007

I've just bought new area rugs I really like, they weren't terribly pricey at Tuesday Morning but I probably won't replace them for 5 years or more.

I'm wondering about treating them with Scotchgard or a similar product before I put them down. For the hexagonal one in the entry I'm thinking it is a must, that is where most of the dirt and wet (assuming it rains again here, someday) will be. But I'm worried about how safe that stuff is - I'm thinking I don't want it on the 8 x 10 in the living area because the children will be more likely to roll on that one, and I'd worry about chemical exposure? Anyone have good info or experience to share?

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Scotchguard is not a permanent protection system, contrary to what people think. And, it scratches off unevenly. The result of this is that it can actually attract more dirt and the staining pattern due to the uneven scotchguard can make the product look even dirtier.
I absolutely would not apply Scotchguard to your new rugs. The truth is, if they were inexpensive they will probably 'ugly out' before they actually wear out.
BTW: my backgroud is in the sales and marketing of commercial textiles rugs,and carpeting, and I am well read on this topic. Scotchguard is one of the most oversold products on the market, with many unrealistic promises and product performance expectations on the part of both the consumer and those who promote the product.
Enjoy your new rugs, and I would probably put some sort of a walk off mat just inside the door for your kids to clean their shoes on when they come in. Even better would be that they don't wear shoes in the house!

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Thanks for the reply! We do drop shoes by the door (how to organize those and keep the entry looking nice is a whole 'nother thread) and will use a good mat outside, the 5' hexagonal rug will be the walk off rug inside. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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When I had my carpeting installed, I paid extra for Scotchguard. I don't think the Scotchguard provided any protection. My rugs still get dirty and spilled liquids sink right in. I treat spots quickly and have my carpets professionally cleaned twice a year. In my opinion, the Scotchguard was a waste. And the beauty of buying cheap throw rugs is that you can throw them out when they get dirty or threadbare.

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When we had carpetting installed, we paid top dollar for extra Scotchguard protection. Made no difference. Animals had accidents, food got spilled, mud came in on shoes. Within 6 months they wre filthy. The only thing that ever took out stains was Spot Shot spray. The salesman who sold us the Scotchguard said liquids would "bead up." for easy removal. The Scotch guard did absolutely nothing. What a rip off.

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Sorry for the double posts three years apart!

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