Opinions Please, on My Updated Concept Drawings for My BR Remodel

enduringMay 4, 2012

Hello, I have updated my drawings & I would like your opinions. You may have seen my earlier post regarding this project in the last several months. It is a small BR off of my newly remodeled kitchen. It is 6.5'x9.5' in size. It hasn't seen a remodel, other than paint & a window in the 70's, since the 40's or 50's.

I'm just about ready to tear out the bathroom. The dumpster is in place and the plumbing is disconnected. My youngest is home from college for the summer & and i'm ready to go.

1. My floor plan to help with context:

I am going to replace the window and I've been thinking about painting the mullions black. The floor is black and the soapstone will be black when oiled, or gray if left unoiled. I thought the window being black would help bring some vertical balance to the black.

I spent entirely too much time on these drawings!! But I get carried away with this sort of stuff. Now, just to be clear, I don't claim that the time I put in drawing, equals the quality of design.

I would like your thoughts on the mullion color and the window trim options as well as the color on the small cabinet housing the tub plumbing. The colors are not an exact rendition of the colors I will use but do give a feel for the color types I am considering. Please ignore the fact that I forgot to place the toilet in on the left side. It will go between the tall purple cabinet and the shorter cabinet housing the tub plumbing.

Get ready, there are 7 drawings.








Thanks for taking the time to look at these.

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Your bathroom will be charming! For me, 2 or 3 are it. I am agnostic about the color of the cabinet, but I think the black 6-paned window will balance your floor and countertop really well. If you go with a gray cabinet, will it be the same grey as the vanity, or slightly lighter?

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Sharonite, thanks for responding. The idea I had for the lower cabinet was to have it be the same as the wall color. The window casing color is either the same as the wall or a white, to be determined. My son likes #2 the best, and like you, doesn't care one way or the other about the color of the lower cabinet. The sink cabinet will be an open bottom painted wood and I am leaning towards a dark dark gray, selected from the same "gray" color sample strip that I use for the walls. The paint for the walls that I am thinking about will be either BM Bunny Gray, a lighter gray, or BM Metallic Silver, a med light gray. Both of these grays read a tad blue in my room. They both go with the marble listello and the other elements. The wall field tile is white white gloss. The purple free standing cupboard I have on the left is a maybe, but I sure like the boldness of the color.

One doubt I have about the white trim is because of what happened when I sampled white in my kitchen remodel. When I painted some samples on the casing in the kitchen before tear out, It looked like a circus tent, all striped. I have a small kitchen and you don't go far before running into another casing. So every few feet there was a bold white strip. To solve that I painted all walls, and casing the same lovely light gray green, BM Titanium. I'd use this color again but I can't have EVERY room in my house green.

This is probably way too much info, but there you go.

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Am I missing something? All the drawings look the same to me, except #3 and #7 have a white cabinet. I feel like I'm looking for Elmo, but I can't find him!

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Catbuilder, thanks for your question. My DH wonders the same thing when I ask him to look at something like this. I also am description and title challenged when I write these post. I try hard to edit but I am not the most thought organized.

What I have here is 6 color renditions of trying out black and white window color on the mullions. I also threw in a couple of color changes in the window casing and base cabinet that is at the head of the tub and houses the plumbing. Got it? ;)

I think I am leaning towards #2.

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I vote for 2 too after your explanation that the cabinet will match the wall paint color! Great idea.

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I just found this post as I was searching for some tile ideas. May I ask what software you're using to create the tile layouts, etc?


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HI there Chris#, I don't have a drafting program so I used Adobe Illustrator! I drew and drew. Then copy & pasted. Then drew some more. These drawings are in scale. I have worked off these elevations and floor plans to locate my remodeled elements.

I doubt if many have Illustrator. There is "Sketch-up" that Google has to download for free. I don't know how it works really. I tried it once and there was a steep learning curve for me. I managed to get a very crude perspective drawing of my space. In the end I just went back to Illustrator because I was somewhat familiar with the process of that program, And I didn't need the 3D images.

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