My house STINKS!

broodyjenDecember 31, 2005

I need help, ASAP! 2 days ago, I noticed a foul odor coming from DD's room...smelled kind of like cat pee, but a little different. I was searching for the odor, and found that the aquarium was leaking, and concluded that the wood aquarium stand, which the cat HAD peed on 3 years ago, was emmiting the smell. Since then, the aquarium stand has been removed to the front porch, the carpet has been steamed twice, and the smell is worse than ever. The whole room stinks--I have sniffed the spot where the aquarium was, and the rug doesn't smell strongly of cat pee in that spot. I stripped the bed, and there were no pee stains on it, and I sniffed every stuffed animal, etc.

Any ideas? DD is coming home in 24 hours from granny's house, and I don't want her to have to smell her room like this!

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Close the door to her room, open a window and put a fan in it.....then spray all with fabreeze.....and if that doesn't work....look for a dead animal in the heat vent!
I had a stink last winter......solved the problem...but you don't want to know!...I had taken some meat out of the basement freezer and left it out.....for several weeks!
But once I found the source of the stink....the smell was gone very quickly....
You still have something causing the may be in the rug pad...or a closet...or a plant....but my guess is there is still cat pee somewhere!
Linda C

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You may also have a bit of a 'fishy' order from the water. Try some Nature's Miracle
(Nature's Miracle consists of billions of natural enzymes that turn organic stans and odor causing materials into a liquid that you simply wipe away. Eliminates odors and restores color and luster to carpets and floors that have been stained.)
You can get it at pet stores.

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OdoBan from Sam's or some Wal-mart's

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If you think it might be cat pee use a black light to search for it. It shows up yellow with a black light then you know where you need to clean.

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