Cross-post, Are colorful Front loaders too trendy?

drewemMay 16, 2012

Hello! I posted this in the laundry section also, but I was wondering if the colorful front loaders are too trendy?

Going to get a new Electrolux set due to good reviews and love the look of the reds, blues, stainless, etc. I don't want them to become dated too quickly though.

This is a laundry room that you walk through to go to the garage, and from the garage to the kitchen.

If you have them, do you ever think oh I wish I got the white ones? Do you still love them after all the years?

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Buy white or stainless. If you have my luck, you will buy a color that goes out of date quickly, and then you get stuck with an washing machine in some shade of green that lasts, and lasts, and lasts, and lasts, and ...

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That is what I am afraid of....but the red one and the blue one are sooo pretty. haha.

Do you think the same thing will happen with the Stainless looking ones?

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I love my red one. Maybe it will go out of style, but I love it, so who cares what other people think.

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Are you afraid a stranger will barge into your laundry room and sneer at the color of your clothes dryer?

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I'd worry more about how well they clean and dry the clothes than the color.

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I have a bright red LG and love it!

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No, no strangers, just hate to spend all that money on a great Electrolux and then think of it as dated a year or 2 down the line. And you have to spend more to get any ones other than white. That's why I was asking how others who own them feel.

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I don't think the bright reds or blues are prevalent enough at the moment to look dated in just a couple of years. I think something usually has to be pretty widespread as a trend before it will start to look dated. I would be more worried about stainless looking dated because it is so, so common these days (not trying to start a debate, and I have plenty of stainless myself ;).

If you love the bright red or blue and it will make you smile when you do laundry, go for it. Laundry can be dreary, so enjoy what part of it you can!

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Having just bought a brand new, bright red LG, my reasoning was as follows:

1. It was on closeout for $450 under list ($1,100), with an additional $50 rebate. A white one was $200 more.

2. Color? see #1.

My wife loves it. It brings a smile to her face every time she uses it. It's a happy washing machine.

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