Still 'Suffering' With That Halloween Bug

lynninnewmexicoSeptember 27, 2010

. . . and enjoying every minute of it (LOL)!

I didn't do much last week, as DS was home here from Afghanistan and we just wanted to spend all the time we could with him, doing whatever he wanted to do. DH even took every day off from work for it, which made it seem like a vacation for us all. We hiked in the nearby Jemez Mountains one day to see the start of the Fall foliage. Went out to lunches and dinners a few times. We celebrated his birthday, almost a month late, but it was great anyway. Cooked out on the grill. Made lots of yummy foods with our fresh batch of green chiles and spent lots of time just talking and being together. It was a wonderful time that flew by much, much too quickly. It didn't include shopping, though ;^D

But, yesterday (after he'd left )DD and I pulled out the Halloween box and then spread out this year's new items to ogle and plan where we'd put everything. She's 16 y/o and, after Christmas, Halloween is her favorite holiday. It was a fun afternoon! We decided that we had enough for lots of good decorating now and I should probably stop buying (LOL). BUT . . . this morning I opened up an email from Lillian Vernon and they had an offer I just couldn't refuse: $3.99 flat rate shipping PLUS 10% off your entire order with this code:


. . . but it expires this evening, I think.

I found these darling felt witch boot stockings, 6 total, for only $2.98 on sale! They're not very large (9 1/4"T x6"W), but I love the designs! I cut three similar-sized ones out of craft paper to see if they'd work for a project I had in mind, and they do. Sooooo, with the discounted shipping and 10% off ( 30-cents isn't much, but it was something), my order cost me $6.67. Not bad for 6 of them, I think! Here's a pic off their website of the three different designs:

They now have a similar offer for their Christmas items, but there are restrictions on how much you have too spend to get it, unlike their Halloween offer today.


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Oh my gosh. How cute are those! Looks like you could easily make bigger ones out of felt if you wanted to do so.

Gosh, you are like Luvs, taunting us with your goodies but not telling us what you are going to do with them.

Can't wait to see the final creation.

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Very cute. Love the colors.
And if you remembered to link through Mr. Rebates you get another 5% off.

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Lynn, cute boots. But I just want to say how thrilled I am your son was home and that all of you were able to spend some quality time together and having fun. I'm keeping him in my prayers and hope the time goes by fast and he's home for good.

hugs, Karen

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Cute witch boots, lynn!...and $$$ bargains!
So good to hear of your wonderful week with your family. So hard for your son & your family & friends...God bless ...& keep him safe. TFS! Jeanne s.

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Those boots are just adorable..and you got such a great deal on them. Thanks for the 'heads up' on thr sale.
So glad you and your family were able to spend such a lovely week with your DS.
Godspeed and a safe return home for your son..
and Continued prayers for all of you.


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Great bargain on the boots, Lynn. Bet you could even find a way to use them in one of your tablescapes couldn't you???? It is neat that your DD enjoys doing the Halloween decorating with you. My DH would probably help me--but I probably wouldn't like where he put things!LOL

Nice that all your family was able to spend time together, and what a blessing that your son made it home safely. Know it's hard having him stationed in another state now, but at least there's email and Skype so you can stay in touch easily--and it's much better than Afghanistan.


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I'm so glad to hear that you got to spend time with your son, everything else can be put on hold for sure. Those witch stockings are adorable. It makes since to have stockings for Halloween treats.

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Yes, Lynn, it was so nice to read about the time you spent with your dear son. I have him on my prayer list. My cousin's son is still there.
God bless your son!

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Looking forward to seeing what your DD and you come up with for Halloween decor! The boot/stockings are very cute. I've noticed that some retailers have stockings for every holiday now. Wonder if Santa comes down to fill them or is there a Halloween elf I don't know about? LOL

Nice to hear you had a great family time with your DS.

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"Wonder if Santa comes down to fill them or is there a Halloween elf I don't know about."

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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How fun!!
Those would make really cute silverware holders!!
I think it is great that your DD enjoys decorating with you!

So glad you had a great visit and continued blessings for your family.


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Lynn, wonderful to hear you and DH enjoyed time with DS while he was home. Also wonderful to hear that you and DD will be decorating soon for Halloween. Those boots are so cute and beautiful colors.


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Well, I hope at least somebody here was able to use that discount code and, perhaps, ordered a set of witch stockings or something else for yourself. Thanks for the well wishes for my DS.

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