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okpokesfanApril 1, 2012

I saw that you were building a modified Highland Place. Do you mind if I ask how much your total square footage ended up being with your modifications? We are considering that plan as well but would like to add another bath as you did. Thanks for the info and i would love to see your progress!

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Yes, we are building a modified Highland and the total sq feet will be about 3200 after all is said and done. We added a bathroom upstairs and decided not to vault the family room because our 1st floor will have 10ft ceilings and moved the bonus there instead of over the garage. Over the garage will be unfinished storage and location of the AC unit. We also extended the garage to a 3 car instead of two.
Unfortunately, we are having drainage issues with our lot and the rain is not helping us get the footings in yet. And I will post pics as soon as we have something worth posting besides mud, LOL!!
We loved the plan from the first moment. In our family we wanted a master seperate and an extra bedroom downstairs with a full bath near it. We also choose this one over others because the back door led straight into the hall and bath area which is great if kids are in a pool (not in our first phase of the building). Also, the pantry right off the kitchen was huge for "gotta have" list and I loved how the door was off the hallway and not taking up valuable wall space in the kitchen. Kinda get the best of both a close location and not taking away from space.
The upstairs worked great except for the front bedroom not having a bathroom. We have teenagers and one it a girl and the other a boy and let me tell you they are tough to have share baths. Our current rental only have 1 and 1/2 bath, we gave my daughter the 1/2 bath just so we didn't have to share with her in the mornings LOL!!
The back deck and screened in porch is exciting for us since our lot is wooded. Living in the south, outdoor space is key year round. We are placing a wood burning fireplace on the porch too. The front ot the house have a covered porch that I loved as any southern girl knows, the front porch is the place to be, hahahaha!!
We researched plans for months before choosing this plan and even considered having one drawn from scratch (very expensive process). We did not use Betz to modify the plan, we had an architech draw in the additions and she also drew the lot plan layout too for construction. If I can answer any questions feel free to ask! Wish I had pictures for you.
When are y'all hoping to begin building? If it isn't this spring then you may have some of pictures to go off of for your build.
Best of luck, its overwhelming, but I know it'll be worth it in the end!

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Thanks for your response. We are hoping to begin by the end of the summer. I was hoping to start by June but it's moving a little slower than anticipated. We really like many aspects of this plan. We were kind of hoping to keep the square footage more around 3000 or 3100 but it might work for us at 3200.

I really like how you moved the bonus (we also want to do 10' ft ceilings downstairs and 9' upstairs) and added the other bathroom. We also have one boy and one girl. They are 8 and 10 and already don't like sharing a bathroom.

We have tried drawing a plan but it just isn't working--mainly because DH works so much he hasn't had a lot of time to devote to it. We started looking at the Frank Betz plans and decided to take one of theirs and modify it.

Thanks for the info and I will let you know if that's the one we decide on. Hope you get all your drainage issues solved!

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Would you mind posting a few pics of the of your house? We are building the same house and the artist's rendering of the outside of the house on the betz website is bad.

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Any suggestions on how to enlarge the master closet?

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Unfortunately we have had drainage issues and are just now getting the footings put in, but I will keep you posted on pictures as we progress here on the forum.

It is so exciting to see another person building this plan we love so much! I hope to see your picture as well. Here are a few of the drawings if you don't have them yet. We redrew the 2nd floor to relocate the bonus and add a fourth bath.
1st floor

Redraw of the second floor to include 4th bath


I hope to have actual walls to share soon!!

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