cleaning glass range tops

alzhi1December 11, 2012

After a year of using expensive cleaners, scrubbing my fingers off and no doubt absorbing many dangerous chemicals, I suddenly remembered how I had always cleaned regular stove-top rings, racks, etc. I would put them in a plastic bag, pour in about a half-cup of ammonia, tie the bag and leave it overnight -- either in the sink or on the back porch. In the morning the grease and burnt materials were easily removed with just a light pass of an SOS pad. So one night I poured about a quarter cup of ammonia on to my glass range top, spread it evenly around and covered it lightly with saran wrap. In the morning I easily wiped off most of the residue with paper towel and used a glass scraper (razor blade type) to get rid of a few more stubborn charred bits (be sure that there is some liquid, either ammonia or water under the blade, i.e., don't use the blade on a dry surface. I had come to hate the glass top because of the difficulty of cleaning it but now it's no problem. Just remember: don't let bleach come in contact with ammonia as it will create a poisonous gas.

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Hi Alzhi,

I saw an entry about just this subject on Pinerest today. The writer filled a pan/dish with warm soapy water and wrung out a cloth in it until it was sorta spongy (not too wet). She laid the cloth on top of the glass and let it sit there for a while to soften the spills. Then she took baking SODA and sprinkled it on quite heavily. She used circular motions to wipe up the baking soda and was very pleased to see that the glass was completely clean. This might be a good alternative because there is no strong chemicals to worry about.

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Both methods sound great. I know I use Ammonia to clean burned pots. I buy cheap store brand "sudsy lemon" ammonia for about $1-$2 a bottle, pour it into the burnt pot, put on the lid and hide it for 24 hours. The next day, most of the crud is liquified, the rest comes off easily with Brillo or SOS. Again, I don't mix with other cleaners.

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